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The Cannabis Beauty Industry

Since the last few years, the cannabis beauty industry has seen a boost in its economy. With more people being aware of the potential of cannabis and its derivatives, brands are capitalizing on the cannabis products demand.

The cannabis beauty industry is estimated to reach $3.48 billion by 2026. Along with giant companies, indie brands are centring all their products around CBD with new and chic packaging. Cannabis is the best-kept skincare secret of the decade.

With a global pool of consumers, the cannabis beauty industry is projected to flourish in the future.

If you are interested in the cannabis beauty industry and its prospects, keep reading!

What Is The Cannabis Beauty Industry?

The cannabis beauty industry uses CBD as the primary ingredient in skincare and make-up products due to the soothing and moisturizing properties that CBD is known for on the skin.

It’s no secret that cannabis culture has heavily invaded the beauty industry.

Several industry reports and projections state that the beauty and skincare markets are flourishing and expected to have exponential growth in the future years.

According to the Million Insights report, the international CBD skin care industry is estimated to be valued at $1.7 billion in 2025.

The report projected that the CBD beauty market has a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 32.9% between 2019 and 2025.

More brands are tapping into the soothing properties of CBD-infused beauty products to drive market growth.

The products are targeted at people struggling with dryness, acne, and sensitive skin.

Some brands claim that the antioxidant quality of CBD may also help relieve pain associated with irritated skin while also slowing down the onset of aging skin.

The Million Insight report also stated that the EU Cosmetic Ingredients Database recorded hemp oil as a surfactant or emollient.

With the regulatory bodies’ green light, the CBD market is expected to surge in the future years.

Why Is The Cannabis Beauty Industry So Lucrative?

CBD beauty market has a promising future due to the versatility of CBD, ranging from edibles to cosmetics.

CBD is now available in a variety of skincare, makeup, and even hair care products. The cannabis-infused beauty market goes hand in hand with making cannabis part of a healthy lifestyle.

Some companies also provide CBD gummies enriched with vitamins and collagen for an inside out approach to the skin, promising to improve collagen production and prevent acne.

While mainstream companies are beginning to launch products infused with cannabis extracts, new beauty brands are putting a spotlight on the trend.

Several emerging brands have designed their company around CBD to provide an extensive range of CBD skincare products, including cleansers, serums, and moisturizers.

The new companies are rebranding CBD to associate the ingredient with chic and aesthetically pleasing packaging.

Their goal is to remove some of the negative connotations related to CBD.

The Expert Committee on Drug Dependence from the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that it is unlikely for pure CBD to cause substance abuse or dependence.

However, the committee warns that there is not enough research to get a concrete answer on the effects of CBD on the skin.

Incorporating CBD as a primary ingredient in skincare products is a major trend sweeping the European beauty market.

Latin America has also embraced the trend, as countries have seen a surge in rising companies and CBD product launches due to more flexible regulations.

Besides, CBD products are marketed as organic products which attract numerous environmentally-conscious customers.

What Are The Biggest Cannabis Beauty Companies?

The CBD beauty industry has several cosmetic giants such as Green Growth Brands and Kiehl’s LLC.

Below is a list of the biggest cannabis beauty companies:

  • Green Growth Brands
  • Kiehl's LLC
  • The CBD Skincare Company
  • Cannuka
  • Vertly Hemp
  • Josie Maran Cosmetics

Additionally, the leading brands emphasize research and development strategies, mergers and acquisitions, or partnerships to launch advanced technologies.

The brands are also exploiting the global customer pool on social media platforms to boost their sales.

Future Market Insight has analyzed historical data on the demand for CBD products from 2015 to 2019.

From their findings, a forecast statistics was created for the next decade, 2020 to 2030.

The research discloses compelling insights into the CBD skin care market based on:

  • Product types (lotions, cleansers, balms, and soaps)
  • Source type (organic and synthetic)
  • Packaging (pumps, tubes, sticks)
  • Sales channels (supermarkets, cosmetic stores)
  • Price range

The study stated that both Canada and the U.S. are leading forces in the cannabis beauty industry due to the emerging legalization of commercial cannabis cultivation.

Other brands are also introducing CBD ingredients in existing cosmetics to attract new clients and expand their reach to international consumers.

What Makes Cannabis-derived Products So Good?

Well-known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, CBD is a favourite ingredient for reducing acne.

Sebum is an oily and waxy substance that the skin produces to moisturize and protect the skin. However, excess sebum can clog pores creating skin irritation and acne.

According to a study from the Journal of Clinical Investigation (JCI), CBD may decrease sebum production in the skin.

Previous research from JCI analyzed the relationship between CBD and sebocytes.

Researchers found that CBD has the potential to inhibit excess sebum production.

The findings are promising gateways for further research on CBD helping with acne.

Moreover, the MDPI Journal released an article on the therapeutic potential of CBD for dryness and itchiness.

The article states that CBD may be beneficial for skin problems to tackle dry and itchy skin or scalp.

With the positive results from research papers, brands are encouraging their customers to test out the powerful effects of CBD.

A 2017 review from Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research highlighted that CBD is likely to slow down the skin aging process by minimizing oxidative stress.

However, the review also emphasized that several research gaps are needed before understanding the full potential of CBD on the skin.

Are Cannabis Beauty Products Overhyped?

Some brands promote exaggerated CBD benefits ‘one-size-fits-all’ products.

Yet, with limiting research, several answers are waiting to be confirmed.

Researchers and brands agree that CBD does help with acne, itchiness, and dry skin.

However, like any other substance, CBD has its limits.

Fortunately, most CBD cosmetics have precise claims and instructions on their packaging to ensure that they are being used correctly for optimum effect.

It is recommended that customers use CBD products from trusted and reputable brands with third lab testing to prevent accidents.

Besides, it is always best practice to visit a doctor or dermatologist to guarantee the proper use of CBD beauty products.

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