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Cannabis Healthy Lifestyle - What You Need To Know

Cannabis has numerous amazing properties with powerful nutrients that have the potential to bring your healthy lifestyle to the next level.

With this trending understanding of the powerful nutritional properties of cannabis, many are wondering how to live a more healthy lifestyle with cannabis.

Living a cannabis-healthy lifestyle starts with regulating recreational cannabis use. Adding cannabis & hemp into your daily diet can reduce fatigue, improve endurance, relax sore muscles, restore normal sleep, & more. Moderation can aid weight loss & uplift mood while maintaining normal health.

Let’s dive in below and see all of the different ways to boost your healthy cannabis lifestyle!

How To Have Regular Healthy Cannabis Use?

As cannabis continues to trend in popularity, more health-minded people are becoming intrigued with incorporating cannabis into their lifestyle.

With the ever-growing discovery of health benefits associated with cannabis, we’ll go through a handful of practical steps to help you optimize your healthy cannabis use into your lifestyle.

1. Regulate Your Recreational Cannabis Consumption

Start by monitoring your cannabis intake, how much you consume, and know your practical limits without consistently overdoing it to the point of loss of productivity.

Monitoring your recreational intake will allow you to avoid cannabis tolerance or Cannabis Use Disorder (CUD).

If for some reason you ever get struck by CUD, the NIH concludes in a recent study that CUD can be reversed almost entirely within four weeks of abstinence.

Depending on different factors with how you’re consuming cannabis, you might consider mixing up the different ways you can take cannabis.

2. Supplement With CBD Products (See A Physician First)

As with any active medication, it’s essential to consult a physician before adding any substances to your routine intake to avoid potential detrimental drug interaction.

CBD can aid in the normal function of a wide range of body processes including.

  • Restoring normal sleep
  • Muscle discomfort
  • Helps reduce stress and uplift mood
  • Reducing occasional nausea

Cannabis can aid your daily beauty regiments such as.

  • Promoting skin clarity
  • Hydrates and soothes lips
  • Promotes healthy digestion, metabolism, and much more

Cannabis-derived products can be obtained from over-the-counter sections of your local pharmacy or through various online shops.

How To Incorporate Hemp Products Into Your Life?

As hemp continues to become more and more popular among both consumers and manufacturers, the demand for hemp products for use in several areas is rapidly rising.

Let’s take a quick peek below at some of the trending hemp products larger existing companies are starting to incorporate into their product line.

1. Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are edible and can be consumed in nearly endless different ways, such as eating them raw, drinking the blended milk form, grinding up seeds into flour for baking, using the hemp seed oil for normal cooking, etc.

A simple Google search for hemp seed recipes will yield thousands of options and dozens of cookbooks that can even show you how to make hemp cheese.

Furthermore, since hemp seed oil comes from the plant itself, it makes for a great source of vitamins and minerals.

It contains a perfectly balanced 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 and Omega 3 essential fatty acids.

Hemp seed oil has amazing skincare properties capable of cleansing, calming, and soothing to keep your skin looking healthy.

Additional uses of hemp seeds can also be used to produce protein powder, and as a bonus, hemp protein promises an average of 15 grams of protein per serving – that is one of the highest vegan sources of simple protein available!

Hemp milk can also be produced from hemp seeds by adding seeds and water in a blender and straining out the excess pulp.

2. Hemp Fabrics Made From Hemp Fibers

Hemp fabric is an emerging sector among famous fashion designers due to the interesting (potentially healthier) properties of hemp fibers.

Both cannabis users and non-users are starting to get interested in the availability of this natural fiber in several areas of the eco-friendly fashion world.

Hemp fabric can be used in different products including.

  • Shirts, jackets, yoga pants, socks, and even underwear!
  • Jeans can also be made, and they are usually made of 40% hemp.
  • Various brands now offer hemp shoes, ranging from border shoes to Converse.

When hemp is used to make eco-friendly clothing, it’s typically a blend of about 60% hemp and 40% cotton, with some designers using up to 100% hemp in their creations.

With the tensile and durable fibers, hemp fabric has a texture similar to cotton and canvas.

The fashion industry is embracing the new textile for its resistance to pilling, shrinkage, mold, odor, and much more.

3. Hemp Can Also Be Used In The Beauty And Skin Industry

CBD has rapidly become the new superstar component in the skincare industry.

Due to its versatility as edible and topical products, many makeup brands are incorporating this unique ingredient in their makeup, skincare, and hair care cosmetics.

New emerging brands are putting both hemp and CBD at the forefront of their marketing strategy.

With hemp continuing to grow in acceptance across nearly every age group, classic brands are even starting to pick up on this trend and take advantage of the powerful nutritional properties of hemp.

Many businesses are working to alleviate the negative connotations of cannabis by using elegant and modern packaging, as well as continuously reaffirming the truth about the historical nature of hemp and it’s uniquely powerful properties.

Beauty products currently incorporating CBD into their products include.

  • Body lotions
  • Eye creams
  • Bath bombs
  • Sunscreens
  • Lip balms
  • Facial masks
  • Tissue repair serums
  • Night creams
  • Shampoos and conditioners
  • Soaps (Hemp is a key ingredient due to its high fatty acid content to make the soap smoother and less drying)
  • And many other cosmetics

Most of the emerging CBD beauty brands are targeting Millennials and Gen Z generations, with both generations showing more of an interest in organic and natural products.

With changing cannabis laws, more international retailers are tapping into the CBD product trends.

Can Cannabis Help You Cope With Stress?

In animal models, THC (present in cannabis) administration reduces stress at low doses but increases anxiety at higher doses, according to a study from Neuropsychopharmacology.

Another experiment observed 7.5 milligrams of THC seems to work like a charm, but the other group that received 12.5 milligram THC reported a greater negative mood.

Cannabis is often used as a stress-coping strategy during negative life events.

There appears to be a subset of individuals who experience greater life stress and who may be more likely to use cannabis for stress-coping purposes and maybe a greater risk for addiction.

Chronic use may potentially lead to stress-related motivation to abuse cannabis and is associated with bad decision-making and may worsen compulsive drug seeking and sensitize individuals to stress-related drug use.

Can Cannabis Help You Lose Weight?

Research shows that losing weight may be a side effect of cannabis consumption but it is not so straightforward.

The conception of using cannabis for weight loss comes from a review of two surveys in 2011.

The review concluded that people who consume cannabis three times a week had lower rates of obesity compared to cannabis non-users.

A previous research article that examined the relationship between cannabis and obesity among young adults had the same conclusion.

They studied a group of 2,566 young adults, recorded their BMI (Body Mass Index), and found a lower prevalence of obesity/overweight in cannabis users.

A recent meta-analysis from Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research in 2018, reviewed the association of cannabis consumption and BMI.

The results showed that cannabis users had the tendency of having lower BMIs and obesity rates while consuming a larger amount of calories.

However, the precise role of CBD in weight loss is still unknown.

Can Cannabis Help You Cope With Alcohol Dependency?

Medical cannabis can be an appropriate substitute for alcohol dependency. However, research is premature on this subject.

Various physicians provide medical cannabis as a substitute to help ease the discomfort when withdrawing from alcohol.

The process is significantly cheaper and seamless. In fact, cannabis substitution is a praised method by the Harm Reduction Journal.

In 2009, they released a study stating that cannabis is a key ingredient within harm reduction.

Another research paper from the Journal of Neuroscience in 2014 showed that cannabinoids may be able to help support healthy brain function during the post-addiction period.

Further research from Free Radical Biology and Medicine also concluded that CBD could ease and stop alcohol cravings for most alcoholics.

About the author: Joe Powers

After an incident in the military, in 2011, Joe Powers began investigating cannabis by talking with industry leaders. In 2016, Joe launched Hemp Writer with its first publication in clarifying disinformation on specific updates to certain federal CBD laws.

Upon calling out a leading cannabis law firm spreading dis-info, Hemp Writer established itself as an authority in clarifying updated information emerging from the cannabis industry. Joe continues charging forwards with increasing momentum to continue fulfilling his vision of SHARING ACCURATE CANNABIS INFORMATION.

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