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Cannabis Strains That Don't Make You Paranoid

Even though many cannabis strains are known for their relaxing properties, some users report feeling anxious and paranoid when consuming certain varieties.

There are several cannabis strains that don’t make you paranoid. Indica; Mr. Nice, Northern Lights, & Enigma. Sativa; Sour Diesel, Maui Wowie, & Tangie. Hybrid; Wedding Cake. CBD strains are effective, as well as low THC strains. Delta 8 THC is a trending cannabinoid half as potent as delta 9 THC.

Let’s jump in below and see if we can find indica, sativa, and hybrid strains that can help prevent paranoia, nervousness, or any other unwanted sensation.

We’ll even take a look at CBD to THC ratios, as well as the currently trending Delta-8-THC molecule.

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Indica Cannabis Strains That Won’t Make You Nervous

Indica strains are famous for their more mellow relaxing properties that can also trigger a nice melting couch lock sensation -- also skipping over the undesirable nervous or paranoid feelings.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and see what the top three indica strains offer a wonderful experience.

Three Indica strains that won’t make you nervous or paranoid.

Mr. Nice

Mr. Nice is an indica-dominant strain created from the mixing of Hash Plant and G13 strain genetics while yielding very dense buds.

Containing a THC content of about 17%, this variety gives users intense high producing feelings of mellow, relaxed, with happy, euphoric sensations.

Mr. Nice is a great strain for relaxing and helping users cope with the daily ups and downs life can randomly dish out.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is an Afghani landrace strain created from the cross-pollination of Afghani and Thai.

An Indica-dominant strain with THC levels ranging from 16 to 21% with one of the shortest flowering times for indoor cultivation.

This strain’s powerful body effects include an upbeat mix of euphoria and physical relaxation.

Northern Lights allows users to relieve minor pain, aids normal sleep, and has mellowing effects on daily stress.


Enigma has several desirable properties, including a euphoric experience that can last much longer than most Indica strains.

The Enigma cannabis dominant strain offers feelings of relaxation, happiness, and sleepiness while feeling a nice uplifting spark.

Sativa Strains That Won’t Make You Paranoid

Sativa strains are a cult favourite for cannabis lovers.

The list below provides the top 3 sativa strains that don’t make users paranoid.

Sour Diesel

With a THC level of approximately 18%, Sour Diesel is a very popular strain with top-heavy cerebral sensations.

Offering an energetic experience, Sour Diesel is said to have a strong pungent profile that can mimic the smell and flavours of diesel.

This legendary sativa strain is a popular choice among cannabis consumers who aim to have a lively experience while avoiding the negative anxious or paranoid effects.

Maui Wowie

A cross between Hawaiian and another unknown genetic, this sativa dominant strain Maui Wowie is a classic varietal originally born, raised, and grown in the volcanic soils of Hawaii.

Capping out at approximately 17% THC, Maui Wowie offers a lightweight creative experience motivating you to get up and go.

An amazingly high-level euphoric strain, Maui Wowie is a foundational strain to add to your collection of sativa strains that won’t make you paranoid, while partaking on a daily basis.

Tangie Scout

Tangie Scout from Canuk Seeds is a sativa dominant strain that’s rapidly growing in popularity. What started in Amsterdam has made its way around the world.

The OG Tangie strain has over a thousand excellent reviews from users who are aiming to avoid the intoxicating paranoia feelings and is highly recommended.

Tangie continuously produces a refreshing euphoric effect with high levels of relaxation while staving off anxious paranoia.

A Popular Hybrid Strain That Won’t Make You Paranoid

Wedding Cake is a popular go-to hybrid strain offering a blend of the classic indica and sativa sensations.

Your experience with Wedding Cake will bring you a total body and mind effect while relaxing you with euphoric happiness -- minus the paranoia.

Containing around 22% THC, Wedding Cake is continuing to gain popularity over the years to do its wide range of unique positive effects.

Do Higher THC Concentrations Increase Anxiety?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a well-known chemical compound found in cannabis, is responsible for the psychoactive “high” consumers experience.

Published in JAMA Psychiatry, researchers are finding those consuming high-potency cannabis not only increase how frequently you consume cannabis but also increase your chances of developing an anxiety disorder.

Compared to consumers who use strains of cannabis high in THC, users are almost twice as likely to develop anxiety issues as those using low-THC varieties.

Higher levels of THC have been associated with increased stress, such as increased heart rates and racing thoughts. Finding a THC-rich cannabis strain that also has the terpene linalool present may help reduce anxious feelings.

However, some people are more at risk than others of the potential negative effects of high THC cannabis.

Adolescents and young adults may become more susceptible to anxiety disorders due to their brains still under development.

Can CBD Strains Make You Paranoid?

According to the peer-reviewed medical journal Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, CBD in tandem with other phytocannabinoids and endocannabinoids play a critical role in homeostasis.

Homeostatic functions pertaining to the endocannabinoid system (ECS) have a role in balancing the excitation and/or inhibition of part of the brain known as the cortex.

With the ECS balancing the homeostatic functions between the cortical functions, there may be a potential in certain cannabinoids, such as CBD, to help maintain normal function.

The normal function of the ECS and the cortical functions have a potential role in aiding various moods.

Published in the journal of Neurotherapeutics, CBD is quickly drawing interest to researchers in the area of determining how CBD may aid mood.

Due to the strong pre-clinical studies, CBD might have the potential to support various neuropsychiatric issues far beyond paranoia, panic, and other moods.

More research is required to verify the effects of CBD in aiding different moods.

Can Delta 8 THC Make You Paranoid?

Delta 9 THC is the primary molecule in cannabis plants that can get people high and paranoid, while users are finding delta 8 THC as an alternative -- they’ve been looking for -- to help reduce the negative effects of too much THC.

While cannabis can be a relatively mild drug - too much delta 9 THC can have its downsides.

Delta 9 THC can sometimes spark excessive paranoia and moods or trigger dizziness and headaches.

This is partly why many cannabis users are finding themselves turning towards an obscure analog of Delta 9 THC called Delta 8 THC.

Both will provide the ‘high’ effects but Delta 8 is about half as potent as Delta 9.

Delta 8 is said to offer a smoother, less anxiety-inducing psychoactive experience than Delta 9.

Delta-8 started trending in late 2019 and business is continuing to grow as users are finding delta 8 THC to have the positive effects of THC, with less of the negative effects.

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