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CBD Dosage Calculator Review - Finding Your Optimal Dosage

Like any medication, the correct dose of CBD oil can be the difference between benefits or drawbacks.

A CBD dosage calculator is a software, app, or chart used to estimate your optimal CBD intake requirements. CBD dosage calculators are often personalized based on weight, age, & medication consumption. For optimal results, consult your family physician for advice before experimenting.

Let’s dive in and take review the effectiveness of CBD dosage calculators and how to use them.

General Guidelines For CBD Dosage Calculators

CBD dosage calculators make a general estimation of how much CBD you should consume.

Some passive calculators and charts provide a relative amount compared to the general population, while others are more personalized.

Factors that might influence the results are your age, gender, weight, and whether you are under the influence of other medications.

Besides, one factor that is often overlooked is the CBD concentration of your oil.

The best way to confirm the oil potency is to get it from a dispensary or your prescribing physician.

CBD Dosage Calculator Methods - Simple Calculations

Calculating your CBD dosage does not require much effort. However, you will need to identify the following:

  • The suggested serving size (usually a certain number of drops)

  • The amount of CBD in mg/serving

  • A CBD dosage chart (As provided in the CBD dosage chart and effect section)

To guarantee the highest accuracy in the calculation, make sure to use CBD from trusted sources.

Once you gathered the above information, proceed to calculate the amount of CBD in 1 drop as explained below.

How Many Milligrams Are In A Drop Of CBD?

The amount of CBD in one drop will depend on the brand and quality of CBD oil that you are using.

One drop amounts to approximately 0.05 milliliters (mL).

The packaging may already specify CBD concentration (in mg) for one drop.

If not, manufacturers may also provide information about the concentration of CBD oil for the whole bottle.

For example, a 20 mL bottle contains approximately 400 drops.

If the entire bottle contains 1000 mg of CBD, one drop comprises about 2.5 mg of CBD.

Here is a simple math calculation that you can do to obtain your answer:

CBD Calculations

If mathematics is not your forte, there are various CBD dosage calculators on the internet that can give you an answer in a few clicks.

How To Calculate CBD Content?

You can choose any CBD concentration calculators to help you identify the percentage of CBD in your product.

The only information required is the mass of CBD and the volume of the bottle.

However, there are a few factors to consider when calculating the percentage of CBD in your product.

  • Is your CBD just a pure extract, or are there other ingredients in it? Adding components to the oil causes a reduction in its concentration. To obtain an accurate answer, consider any elements added to your extract.

  • Does the product display the percentage or the quantity of CBD? Having an idea of the concentration is crucial since the method of calculation will be different. A false analysis would result in incorrect dosage. Over or under administration could lead to undesirable effects that may devastate the user.

Calculating the correct dosage can be critical if there are several other factors that could cause an irreversible problem -- such as CBD interacting negatively with your current medication.

How Many Drops Of CBD Oil Should I Take?

The optimal dosage differs for each individual.

The above statement is substantiated by consumer reviews and research, like the Journal of Clinical Medicine Research on the dosage of CBD.

Individualized dosage is dependent on several variables, including the body’s metabolism, anatomy, genetics, and physicality.

Three simple rules are vital for CBD dosage that every consumer should apply.

1. No fixed dosage for every person.

The dosage and wanted effect of CBD oil is not uniform for each consumer.

It is only through experimentation and adjustments that you will find your ideal dosage.

2. It takes time to find the optimal dosage.

Knowing the correct dosage comes with time and practice.

It is a crucial part of the process that is sometimes bypassed by users.

3. Start small and increase progressively.

Starting small prevents new users from feeling overwhelmed by the potent effects of CBD oil.

CBD Dosage Chart And Effects

A quick Google search for CBD dosage chart will provide you with general advice about what others have considered their optimum dose based on their body weight and the seriousness of their health issues.

You may use these charts to decide the correct dosage of CBD for you, as a potential starting point.

Depending on your weight, start by determining your dosage and experiment with the mild range for a week.

Your body may take several days to adjust to the new effects of CBD oil.

If the effects are too weak, step up to the medium or firm range.

Starting with a small CBD dose helps your body adapt to its effects, mainly if you are new to the process.

Often, these help you prevent the less severe side effects (such as lightheadedness) from occurring. You may need many days to get used to the effects of CBD.

The CBD dosage chart provides advice about the average optimum dose from various users’ experiences based on their body weight and the seriousness of their health problems.

Continue increasing the dose at a rate of 3 to 4-day intervals before you reach your target.

Having a CBD oil dosing log can be a helpful guide to help you control your dosage and progress in finding your ideal amount.

If you are experiencing any side effects such as lightheadedness, you should start lowering your doses.

It is a sign that your body is not adjusting to the high doses of CBD.

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