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Do Hemp Energy Drinks Get You High? Your Complete Answer

It sounds very tempting to consume a completely natural energy drink, despite some mainstream confusion over what the word hemp means.

Hemp does “not” contain enough psychoactive THC to get you high. There’s no possible way to get high with the near-complete absence of THC in hemp energy drinks. Even though hemp beverages come in different forms, including powder-mix packets, shots, & canned beverages -- none will get you high.

Keep reading if you want to understand more about the content of hemp drinks and their energy-boosting properties.

What Are The Different Types Of Hemp-based Energy Drinks?

Natural and organic hemp energy drinks are an excellent option for vegetarians and vegan consumers.

With a large variety of hemp-based energy drinks on the market, we have broken down their differences and benefits.

Some hemp-energy drinks come in powder-mix packets that need to be dissolved with water.

Powder-mix drinks will often contain CBD, hemp seed oil, caffeine, vitamins, minerals, and little to no sugar.

These beverages can be consumed daily for a boost of energy each morning.

Since THC is absent in all hemp-based energy drinks, you do not have to worry about feeling high -- not even a little bit.

Other hemp drinks come in the form of shots with a high concentration of CBD.

One shot may include up to 50 mg of CBD for an instant rush of energy.

Shot beverages usually have more caffeine, CBD, and sugars than other hemp energy drinks.

For on-the-go people, hemp energy drinks in a can might be ideal.

With more portability, canned energy drinks cover the whole spectrum of flavours, from fruity to bubble gum.

Yet, just like other hemp energy beverages, caffeine, vitamins, hemp extract, and sugars are included.

Some canned drinks may also be sugar-free and calorie-free to match your preferences.

CBD and hemp concentrations differ according to each brand.

With advanced technology, hemp energy drinks may also include nano-emulsified CBD oil for better and faster CBD absorption.

Primarily found in shots, the combination of higher CBD concentrations and nano-emulsified technology assures an immediate increase in energy levels.

What Do Hemp Energy Drinks Contain?

Most hemp energy drinks are made entirely of natural ingredients.

In general, hemp energy drinks have several constituents, namely:

  • Hemp seed oil
  • Vitamin B
  • Taurine
  • Caffeine
  • Carbonated water
  • Sucrose

Companies tend to use natural ingredients to add originality to the beverage.

As we look onto some product labels, we can also see that some hemp-based energy drinks usually have a total of 28 grams of carbohydrates, 27 of which are sugar units.

While most hemp energy drinks contain high sugar levels, there are emerging hemp energy beverages with zero calories and sugar to suit your diet.

According to Euphytica research, hemp seed oil contains high concentrations of fatty acids and proteins.

Several hemp drinks may also contain added vitamins and minerals for daily consumption.

Vitamins and minerals are most commonly found in powder-mix packets rather than hemp energy shots.

Using Hemp Energy Drinks As An Alternative To Regular Energy Drinks?

Hemp-based energy drinks may be used instead of other energy-boosting beverages because of their natural and larger nutrient doses like vitamins and fatty acids.

We find in hemp-based energy drinks almost the same things you'll find in typical energy drinks.

The main difference resides in the addition of extracts of hemp seeds and the potential absence of laboratory add-ons.

Hemp seeds and hemp seed oil are high in essential fatty acids, especially omega-3 fatty acids, which support the immune system.

Also, research performed by Chinese Scientist Yongjin Li on animal specimens shows that hemp seeds can have the ability to reduce fatigue.

As users are now looking for safe, natural alternatives to consume, hemp-based drinks clearly have an advantage.

Unlike most popular energy drinks, there's typically less high sugar, on edge, or crash effects as side effects since the product is mostly natural.

Natural ingredients can prove to have significantly better effects than mainstream energy drinks like Red Bull or Monster.

How Often Should You Consume Hemp Energy Drinks?

CBD and hemp seed oil are lacking in evidence that they could lead to substance dependence.

According to Professor Shad Ewart, no matter how much someone consumes hemp-based energy, an individual can’t get drinks. An individual can't get high.

However, the professor acknowledged that children could already equate the substance with cannabis.

Moreover, our argument is enforced by Libby Mills, the National Spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

She affirmed that these types of beverages are no more harmful than a cup of coffee.

Mills went on to say that drinking one cup of some of those beverages will provide 80-130 mg of caffeine, the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee.

It is sure and confident that hemp-based energy drinks are perfectly safe for most healthy adults.

Like other energy drinks, hemp beverages should still be consumed in moderation, according to research by Chad J. Reissig - a Doctor and researcher.

Over-consumption of energy drinks may lead to some adverse side effects.

Most hemp-based energy drinks contain a large amount of sugar, which could be detrimental to health when consuming daily.

Can Hemp-based Energy Drinks Replace Vitamins?

Some hemp-based energy drinks are very rich in B Vitamin as they are essential to energy production.

A high concentration of vitamin B in hemp drinks can be confirmed with Marie Claudile, a professor of nutrition at Cornell University.

She stipulates that people with vitamin deficiencies in B Vitamins feel tired because nutrients help turn food into energy.

According to Cindy Moore, director of nutrition therapy from Cleveland Clinic, energy drinks are no substitute for real food to take vitamins or minerals.

In her expert opinion, there is a miss on benefits from nature if hemp-based energy drinks are used as a replacement for vitamins.

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