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Blueberry Feminized Seeds (Canuk Seeds)

Blueberry Feminized Seeds (Canuk Seeds)

Product Review (submitted on March 21, 2019):
Wish I could add a photo, my buds look like I’ve rolled them in sugar.

I grow small, just upgraded from a 0.36m2 tent to a 0.73m2 tent, and so I have to keep my plants pretty small. I normally grow autos, and this was my first time trying a photo. I had one seed as a freebie from a previous order, so I went for it.

Grew out the seed, took clones, and then let the mother bloom. It was okay, but didn’t really get much from that plant, about 40g.

I ran nine of the clones as a modified SOG topped and trained with two colas each. Ran them in 2L hempy pots with organic nutes.

Nice fat colas, harvested at ten weeks in flower, so right at 70 days. Could have let them go another week, but I need the tent free to do a different run

Got about 150g trimmed and dried koff this run, and I’m pleased. The plant was a champ at handling severe training and trimming with no problems, and the blooms are loaded with trichomes.

Definitely going to put some of these seeds on my wishlist for my next order.