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White Widow Feminized Seeds (Canuk Seeds)

White Widow Feminized Seeds (Canuk Seeds)

Product Review (submitted on November 20, 2020):
Grown outdoors in the ground, using organic amendments/fertilizers and rainwater in southern Ontario - growing zone 5b

Sprout: This seed sprouted as a wee little runt, but we decided not to give up on her as she immediately leafed out nicely,

and was showing some healthy early branching. she remained about 1/4 the size of her other sativa grow-mates [3 other strains]

from sprout right through to harvest. She was sprouted using the paper towel method. We tried to keep our seedling's

transplants as low-stress as possible by placing the sprouts in peat pellets, which, after about 2 1/2 weeks were then placed

whole into 4" biodegradable pots [cow pots]. This allowed us to plant the entire thing, pot and all, into the garden in late


Grow: She grew up in a nice typical sativa christmas tree shape but by mid-July, she was becoming overcrowded by her

vigorously growing sativa companions, and therefore competing for light, which im sure also had a sizable impact on our final

results. This plant was super easy to grow outdoors, we experienced no issues with pests, disease, signs of nutritional

deficiencies, nor any need for plant support.

Harvest: we let her go until October 2nd when the trichomes were looking good under microscope. her final height was a mere

4'8", and she provided only 74g of dried flower. even though she was so small, she is still one of our favourites!

Effects: after 5 weeks of cure - starts very strong with a pleasant body buzz and builds to clear, cerebral high. an

enjoyable, social and chatty high with long lasting effects - also good for pain and anxiety

Thoughts: Yes, she happened to be a runt, no, we are not upset - such is nature, and despite this, she was still a breeze to

grow and manage. While she provided a humble harvest, we think this is top shelf cannabis, and we enjoy it greatly. we still

have another WW fem seed and definitely look forward to growing it again soon!