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Auto BerryBlue Feminized Seeds (Oasis Genetics)

Auto BerryBlue Feminized Seeds (Oasis Genetics)

Product Review (submitted on February 19, 2021):
Ran this twice, Not a large yielder maybe 18-28g per plant.
Responds well to Nutes, HST, LST and anything you throw at them.

3 Phenos I have encountered.

1- Is short stocky and produces airy buds but still quite fruity and dank
2- Is a thin, tall plant with leaf mutations and odd growth, still dank and fruity bud
3- Is a purple/white power house. Short, Dense buds, Absolutely blinged out and 90% purple. A grape and blueberry smell. Cheesed i didn't pollinate them!

I would run these again as the smell is so close to actual blueberries and potency is high.