Auto PK Feminized Seeds (Oasis Genetics)

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Auto PK Feminized Seeds (Oasis Genetics) - A Quick Overview

As fragrant as it is beautiful, we have the Auto PK.

Auto PK is an amalgamation of Hindu Kush and the Purple Afghani, breeding an autoflowering purple kush variety whose reputation succeeds itself in terms of aroma, potency, and taste.

Flowering in around 8-9 weeks you can expect the Auto PK to exhibit typical indica traits such as staying squat with heavy side branching with tight node spacing producing dense, resinous buds.

Auto PK having such high THC content makes it a perfect strain to combat the effects of things like anxiety and insomnia while maintaining that legendary bag appeal and taste.

Additional Information
Seedbank Oasis Genetics
Sex Feminized
Variety Mostly Indica
Strain Genetics Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani
Flowering Type Autoflowering
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
Where to Grow Indoors, Greenhouse, Outdoors
Taste / Flavor Kush
Effect Relaxing
Customer Reviews
SUPER AUTOS - Review by Ownly Grows
grew some in a aero garden and it came out amazing and pretty big! doesnt mind being topped and i treated them like photos! they are so strong dense big terpy nugs that are dark purple and super purp kushy taste! crazy genetics ! they stand the tests! (Posted on 8/20/2022)
Awesome - Review by Leiland
All 4 germinated less than 24hours..oasis is always stellar in my opinion in past I’ve gotten between 90-115grams always a good grow :) (Posted on 9/13/2021)
Happy - Review by Happy
Grew one plant In a 3 gal pot under LED light. Harvested 68 days from germanation. I made some mistakes so probably affected yield. Still got approx. 40g of really nice dense buds. This pheno didnt purple. Easy to grow and very strong long lasting effect. Heavy body and relaxing. Small compact bushy plant. (Posted on 4/21/2021)
Excellent Genetics - Review by GermanDan
Growing strong and loving the Nutes.... will definitely buy again. It was a steal with the buy one get one free promo ✌???? (Posted on 6/6/2020)
It’s purple kush!! - Review by Jeff
So far very happy with auto pk!! Only one so far!! First weeks of flower and i got crazy purple on my pheno!! I am definitely going to buy oasis genetics! (Posted on 1/7/2020)
Great plant/easy grow but no purple? - Review by Gsd123
I grew this outdoors in a bucket. Despite warm days and cooler nights the plant did not change colour. That being said i think I got at least 1 oz and a half off one plant (pop bottle size cola) possibly a bit more. Easy to grow (Posted on 8/10/2019)
So far, so excellent - fine service, and super viable seeds. - Review by nygdb
This is just to complement TNSB on their first class service, and to note that germination of the Oasis Genetics seeds was 100% with paper towel germination. All plants are seriously happy at ~ 2 weeks in, and I look forward to seeing how the crop develops. If I manage to put in a good harvest, I will update a review of this strain. (Posted on 6/3/2019)
great bushy dank genetics - Review by canuck cultivar
Grows more like a bush then a tree big frosty buds great auto 1 plant yields over 100 grams easily (Posted on 5/3/2019)
Ended up with 2-2.5 oz per plant - Review by Nelly
Destinctivly smells and tastes like a kush strain. While growing this I used organic super soil, used 24/7 light schedule, super cropped the main stem and evened out the canopy by tieing the branches down. I had very good results with this strain getting a half oz main top per plant cured and dried. I have bad insomnia and this strain will relax me and put me down for the night, very happy with this strain. (Posted on 10/27/2018)
Another top notch strain - Review by Richard
Was very happy with the results with this grow and this strain. Large nugs with LST and very very sticky . Hanging to dry now . Oasis has come up with another winner . Enjoy !!!! (Posted on 4/14/2018)
First Auto PK grow - Review by Richard
Seeds sprouted well with being dropped in glass jars for 14-16 hours and then wrapped in paper towel that was moistened and placed in a warm dark area . Took about a day and half before placing in my super soil mixture .She started out slow in my soil mix yet after about 4-5 weeks ( basement was cool) she took off . Go easy with the nutrients as she does tend to burn easily with full strength ADN . Very aromatic and very sticky trimming the buds . Now hanging to dry and then into glass jars to cure. Very anxious to give this lovely lady a try. (Posted on 4/10/2018)
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