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Growing Cannabis Techniques

Getting started growing cannabis is an exhilarating yet challenging adventure to begin if you’re just getting started.

Growing techniques range from basic to advanced, with each seed genetic requiring specific fine-tuning for difficult growing procedures. Master the basics before learning complex advanced methods. Advanced methods include pruning, training, & other equipment to increase yield quantity & potency.

Let’s dive in and see what there is to know about the various cannabis growing techniques experienced cultivators are using to maximize quality and quantity.

How Do You Grow The Best Buds?

Growing the best cannabis flowers with swollen ripe buds means doing everything it takes to make sure you have a healthy plant, starting with seed genetics.

To start, maintaining the right balance of temperature and humidity throughout the entire grow cycle will bring out the best qualities of your specific seed strains.

Proper temperature and humidity for each stage:

  • Seedling: Temp (75-85F) - Humidity (~70%)
  • Vegetative: Temp (70-85F) - Humidity (40-60%)
  • Flowering: Temp (65-80F) - Humidity (40-50%)

Each cannabis seed strain will typically have a specific set of recommended environmental factors for what will produce the best possible yield that seed is capable of producing.

On top of light and humidity being a key factor in learning how to grow the best buds, it’s also critical that you don’t over water or give your plants too much nutrients.

Too much water can technically drown your cannabis plants.

Since your cannabis plants also require air to breathe, having too much water in your indoor potted plants can keep your plants from breathing properly.

If your plant’s roots aren’t able to breathe properly, they could be at risk of dying.

It’s much easier to kill your cannabis plants by over watering versus underwatering.

The same goes with nutrients, less is typically more is reliable wisdom that also applies in this situation.

By overwatering or giving too much nutrients, you can quickly kill your plants without meaning to.

New Cannabis Growing Technology

Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are beginning to take over some of the larger cannabis grow operations.

Due to the AI’s ability to monitor numerous critical pieces of real time data, commercial cannabis growers are finding new cannabis growing technology improvements are saving money and time.

Al and robotic technologies are slowly becoming the driving force in cannabis growing and maintenance.

After the complex AI networks are correctly set up and fine tuned, the ease and simplicity of this technology is basically running growing operations on autopilot.

By increasing the speed and efficiency of collecting data, cannabis farmers are able to monitor, manage, and adjust to the needs of the cannabis plants -- in real time.

Even though actual humans are still being used as front line workers, AI technology is being used to gather potentially millions of various data points and make sense of what the information means.

A few data points AI monitors in growing cannabis includes:

  • Room temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Nutrient and water uptake
  • CO2 levels
  • pH
  • Electrical Conductivity
  • Vapour pressure deficit
  • And much more

Cultivators can remotely monitor their grow operation, as well as having alerts set up to inform you of potential problems, such as room temperature exceeding 100F.

AI technology can also identify and alert you of various threats such as molds and rots 24 hours of the day while providing regular reporting.

There’s no doubt AI technology will not only reduce human labour but also increase the quality of your yield.

With Al technology, early detection and prompt solutions are rapidly becoming essential to grow operations.

Not only is AI technology being used in cannabis cultivation, but also in cannabinoid extraction and potentially many other areas within the industry.

Advanced Cannabis Growing Techniques

Before considering massive upgrades to your current systems and equipment, it’s important to consider seed genetics as you perform your advanced cannabis growing techniques.

Advanced cannabis growing techniques are sought after you’ve mastered the basics and you’re ready to start improving the quality of your cannabis and increase the quantity of your yield.

A few advanced cannabis growing techniques include:

  • Defoliation - bending
  • Topping - cut off tops for more thickness and fullness
  • Fimming - cutting less off the top than topping
  • Lollipopping - removing small branches & on the side
  • Low Stress Training - bending branches to grow in certain ways
  • Monster cropping - take clones in the flowering stage and replant
  • Super cropping - one giant bend in the middle
  • Screen Of Green - limits height and makes plants grow out
  • Sea Of Green - plant seed tightly together (fast yield)

While some advanced cannabis growing techniques might be controversial, it’s important to thoroughly master the basic growing method before starting down a particular complex road.

The Sea Of Green method is one of the more common advanced cannabis growing techniques when you have limited space and you’re short on time.

With this technique, you’ll get more plants growing per square foot, thus allowing you to utilize every inch of space available -- without much affecting quality or yield.

How To Make Buds Bigger During Flowering?

Bigger yields begin with the seed genetics you choose for the conditions you’ll grow.

Some cannabis strains have the natural ability to quickly grow big and heavy, while other strains have more subtle nuances and are desirable for other specific purposes.

Increasing the actual size and density of your cannabis buds during the flowering stage will also require more than choosing the best seed.

Increasing cannabis buds size during flowering requires:

  • Specific factors unique to your strain
  • Proper nutrients
  • Specific climate controls (humidity and temperature)
  • Maintain the correct pH levels
  • Higher intensity of light output
  • More CO2
  • Not harvesting too early

While you continue to maintain a proper environment for your specific seed genetics, you can prune and perform other advanced grow methods to further increase the size of your cannabis buds during flowering.

Pruning is a simple method you can utilize to help the healthy buds receive more of the nutrients they need for them to grow larger.

To properly prune your cannabis plants, start by removing any leaves that aren’t receiving direct light.

Next, you may consider pruning any discoloured or browning leaves that appear to barely be hanging on for life.

Through proper pruning, you’re able to help your plants transfer the nutrients and energy to the healthier buds more likely to produce a large yield.

How Do I Make My Yields Bigger?

Making your cannabis plants produce an overall bigger yield starts with the seed genetics and light intensity.

Even if you select a cannabis strain that typically produces a lower yield, by increasing the intensity of the lighting output, your plants are more able to yield bigger buds.

Once you’ve drastically increased the light intensity, it’s important to maintain this output throughout the entire grow cycle.

After getting the seed genetics and lighting correct, your plants will require fresh air flowing and/or a direct supply of (CO2).

Finally, understanding what nutrients your cannabis plants need throughout the different phases is vital.

Basic cannabis plant nutrition includes nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and other trace elements.

The right balance of essential nutrients must be applied to get the desired results.

While the above information are general guidelines, it’s important you understand what your specific seed genetics will require at each stage to maximize your overall yield.

When it comes to adding nutrients, less is typically more, as it can be easy to burn your plants with too much nutrients.

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