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How To Make Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Female cannabis plants are very desirable among consumers and breeders who require constant high-quality feminized seeds for stable long-term operations.

Feminized cannabis seeds can be made through specific pollination techniques, the colloidal silver method, and other seemingly complex systems. Colloidal silver is the most successful of the two. You may also trick a hermaphrodite cannabis plant into thinking it’s a female cannabis plant.

There are a few things you should know before you start growing cannabis. If you feel confident with your cannabis cultivation skills, keep reading.

We have combined some of the most tried and trusted methods for your feminization procedures below.

Pollination Method - Rodelization

Although somewhat risky and less effective, the pollination “Rodelization” method for obtaining feminized cannabis seeds is one of the best methods.

Due to its more natural process involved, the Rolelization technique doesn’t require much more than collecting pollen.

Basics of performing the Rodelization Pollination Method to obtain feminized cannabis seeds:

  • Catch falling pollen. Use plastic or cardboard to cover the surface of the pot to catch any falling pollen, or use a plastic cup to hold the plant and catch falling pollen.
  • Allow airflow. Set a transparent plastic sack around the plant, with holes on the top to allow air to circulate.
  • Remove the flower pod before it fully opens. To ensure that every spore is caught, remove every flower pod before it fully opens.
  • Pollinate the female. Several methods exist in how to specifically pollinate the female cannabis plant, depending on how many seeds you desire to produce.
  • Apply pollen using a small soft paintbrush. Dip the soft brush into gathered pollen and lightly apply it to your flower.
  • Repeat pollen application a few times. Trichomes are sticky and can prevent pollen from completely pollinating.

Pollen from several different cannabis plant varieties can be used to pollinate, resulting in numerous crosses.

Colloidal Silver Method

Another method to obtain feminized cannabis seeds is through the Colloidal Silver method. This method is cost-effective and safe for the plant.

The Colloidal Silver mixture is available commercially, or you can make it by using an adapter, wires, pure silver, distilled water, alligator clips, and ppm meter.

It should be noted that the colloidal mixture should be 30 ppm for optimum results.

Here are the simple steps of the Colloidal Silver method to obtain feminized seeds:

  • Wait for sexing: If the plant was grown by cloning, spray one week before the flowering season to ensure a light changeover. If the plant was obtained from seeds, you should wait for the plant to sex to ensure that it is a female.
  • Spray with Colloidal Silver: Start spraying colloidal silver three times per day, every day. The plant should then be saturated with the solution.
  • Keep spraying routine for two weeks: Spray for two weeks straight, then let the plant grow as usual. Some growers prefer spraying until they see sexual growth to ensure that the method is working.
  • Sexing occurs: You should see that the plant has changed sex from female to male. Small male pollen sacks should be formed instead of female pistils. According to some cultivators, they saw results after 5-10 days after spraying.
  • Pollen is formed: Once pollen is formed, carefully tap the sacks to collect the pollen. You can either use it straight away or store it in the freezer.
  • Pollination: Follow the steps above; use a paintbrush. Repeat the pollination step several times to ensure all trichomes are coated with pollen.

Note that the maturation for male plants occurs much faster than females.

Useful pollen may be formed after 3-4 weeks of sexing.

Ensure the ‘male’ plants are away from any female plants to prevent any pollination accident.

The plants sprayed with colloidal silver should not be smoked even if you rinse the buds because the plant has already absorbed the treatment.

How Does Feminization Work?

Interrupting a stable female plant's light cycle during flowering is a classic strategy for stressing it out.

Spraying female plants with a colloidal silver or silver thiosulphate solution is a more popular and controlled approach that works to some extent.

This method enables you to alter the plant’s sex without any genetic tinkering or modification.

Both substances are made up of a combination of water and microscopic silver particles, both acting similarly.

Ethylene, a hormone that contributes to flowering, is blocked by the silver solution.

The outcome is a plant of female sex with pollen sacs that produce male flowers.

Female genetics are all that the pollen sacs bear because they grow on a plant solely with female genes.

When the flowers pollinate some other female plant (one that hasn't been treated with silver fluid), the seeds that result are almost always female.

Certain breeders have discovered that treating plants using a silver thiosulphate liquid leads to seeds that yield feminized plants most of the time.

They believe that this approach is the most successful way to keep the seeds and potential feminized plants stable.

Can We Make A Male Plant Into A Female Plant?

There is no guaranteed way to turn a male cannabis plant into a dense and stable female for several reasons.

The first is that most male cannabis plants are simply hermaphrodites, making it difficult to differentiate true males from the rest.

The second is that the plant's sex is primarily dictated by its genetics, set in stone long before the seed is planted.

While there is no way to make a male plant entirely female, techniques can compel a male plant to exhibit female-like characteristics.

Licensed producers and breeders must adhere to strict conditions regulations.

Keeping a male plant within the facility could result in cross-contamination as it releases pollen, damaging the entire grow.

For those who are dealing with such high stakes, this technique is not recommended or used.

Instead, it's something that private individuals who cultivate cannabis and end up with males who would otherwise be useless can try.

Can We Make A Female Plant Into A Male Plant?

Yes, you can make a female plant into a male plant.

According to Frontiers in Plant Science in 2020, cannabis plants are hermaphrodites.

Hermaphrodites mean that female plants may turn male under stressful conditions.

If you want to try an experiment, use gibberellins, which are male cannabis plant hormones, instead of ethylene on females.

The plants will almost certainly begin to exhibit male-like characteristics almost instantly.

Physical or chemical stressors, as well as genetic and environmental factors, play a role in the formation of hermaphrodites.

The disruption of the usual 12-hour dark photoperiod and allowing plants to bloom is a significant stressor.

Temperatures that are too high or too low may also grow hermaphroditic flowers.

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