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Top Cannabis Destinations to Visit in 2022

Mandates have been lifted, masks aren’t mandatory in most places, and the world is ready to travel! Here are the top cannabis destinations you should visit this year!

The last couple of years we've all embraced staycations. Now that we're allowed to travel more freely, why not explore some amazing cannabis-orientated destinations.

In the spirit of 4/20, I've compiled a list of the top cannabis destinations that should be on your bucket list.

Pack your bags, twist one up, and let's get exploring!


Jamaica is synonymous with cannabis culture- Kingston especially. Living the island life sounds like such a lovely dream.

The rich history, enlightening lifestyle, and killer cannabis are only a few reasons why Jamaica makes this list.

It’s no secret: stoners want to take a permanent vacation here and never leave.

Herb houses (as they’re called) are almost everywhere.

These cannabis houses are more than just a dispensary or a place to blaze, they promote cannabis healing education and thrive on the beneficial properties cannabis possesses.


The very first cannabis-friendly luxury hotel has arrived- and it’s in Toronto!

Cannabis Air is nestled in the heart of downtown Toronto at 53 McCaul Street.

With a doobie in hand, take a stroll a few blocks, and you’ll find yourself in the downtown core: Queen Street West, Union Station, and the Eaton Center.

Not only does Cannabis Air boast luxury one-bedroom suits with complimentary smoking lounges on the balcony, but it also offers a library, a gym and an outdoor pool.

Situated in the heart of downtown TO, Cannabis Air boasts superior rooms complete with your own walk-out deck and smoking lounge.

The hotel includes a gym, library, outdoor pool, and entertainment room sure to keep you busy while consuming your favourite cannabis strain.

Depending on your budget Cannabis Air offers three suite options. The Pineapple Express- a cozy double bed, The Kush Queen- a luxury suite with a smoking lounge and fully-stocked kitchen, and The Ganjapreneur suite- a fully equipped one-bedroom apartment.

Offering over 30 dining options to choose from and expert cannabis concierge service available 24/7, there is no other experience like Cannabis Air.


Unlike in Canada, it’s still illegal to smoke weed in public. However, the great city of Ibiza has created cannabis clubs where travellers and locals can enjoy cannabis socially.

If you’re in Ibiza and want to visit a club, there’s a certain way you have to go about getting in.

Simply showing up and asking to blaze won’t work. You’ll have to ask for an invitation.

Be warned, these clubs adhere to the laws, and need to keep a record of their members on file. Don’t be surprised if you are asked for your passport.

Other than that, these places are a great stop on your cannabis adventures.

Places like The Escape Club Ibiza and Club Ibiza Maria are only a couple of stops where you can immerse yourself in the local cannabis culture.

Despite what you may think, Ibiza is a place that fully welcomes friendly cannabis users.

As long as you're not walking down the streets blatantly blazing a fatty, you should be good to go!


Whether you want high-end lake view luxury cannabis accommodations or a rustic back-roads experience, Penticton BC has hit all.

Penticton is nestled between two lakes on the east and west and mountain ranges on the north and south. With countless retail cannabis locations and outdoor experiences, it’s safe to say you’ll be saying wow a lot.

420 Smoker rd. is a family-run BYOT (bring your tent) outdoor experience. This tight-knit group offers a once and lifetime 420 experience that is safe and welcoming. Open year-round. Smoking is permitted anywhere on the property (just be mindful of your roaches).

You can find 420 Smoker rd. in the mountains of Boundary Country just outside of Penticton. Bring your camper van, and your favourite cannabis, and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

The Farmhouse is a six-bedroom heritage house found on the beautiful vineyard-packed Naramata Bench.

About 10 minutes outside of Penticton, you will find this incredible vacation experience. Walk or drive to over 30 wineries (within 10km) while puffing on your favourite strain.

The Farmhouse has a large outdoor pool, a four-person hot tub, and breathtaking lake views. Smoking cannabis has never felt so luxurious.

You will find video arcade games, a 100-inch projector, and a fully functioning grandfather clock (how cool) inside.


Denver, Colorado has a whopping 364 cannabis dispensaries! It’s easily considered the Canada of cannabis in the US. The city alone sold more than $700 million dollars of cannabis products in 2020.

Aside from Seattle, if you want to live in the US and don’t want to worry about catching a charge because of cannabis, Never is a great place to lay some roots.

With both dispensaries and cafes, exploring highly potent cannabis varieties is simple and fun.

Taking a staycation at the Arrowhead Manor (a 420-friendly hotel), or popping into The Coffee Joint Colorado (Denver’s first cannabis cafe) is only a couple of amazing spots to socialize and blaze at the same time.

St. Johns

Rock the Joint is a cannabis experience found on the east coast of Canada in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Welcome to The Rock. St. John thrives on live music, art, culture, and bumpin’ nightlife.

Whether you come for a stay-cation or a quick trans-Canada getaway, Rock the Joint is one of the most fantastic cannabis adventures you can take in Canada.

Sharing a property line with Signal Hill National Park, getting baked on your favourite strain while hiking should be on the top of your to-do list.

Rock the Joint will hook you up with cannabis experts from Canopy Growth’s company Tweed.

Only minutes from your guest house, you can experience high-end cannabis products, incredible hikes, fantastic music, and the best restaurants.


Like Canada, cannabis is legal in Uruguay. In fact, it was the first country in the world to do so.

Montevideo is the capital of this country and has a booming cannabis industry. It’s safe to say this city is the cannabis hub of Latin America.

If you are a foreign resident you can grow, consume, and purchase cannabis in one of the many storefronts.

Places like the Espacio Coffee Shop make you feel like you’re right at home. Stoners living in Montevideo must have an amazing life.

There’s something about growing your own cannabis in a friendly community that makes it that much sweeter.


This private BnB-style cannabis accommodation offers outside, inside, and lounge smoking. If you’re looking for a 420-friendly space to crash in Montreal, look no further than Feel At Home.

This clean and bright room has a queen bed and private balcony with a discreet view perfect for blazing. You will find the second balcony in the central part of the space that offers a street view.

The host of Feel At Home knows the city of Montreal like the back of his hand.

If you want to navigate the city and avoid rush hour traffic, all you have to do is ask.

This central location is close to everything you need. Smoke your favourite strain and go for a walk in the park or a bike ride along the canal.


Nearly one year ago, Forbes published an article about how tourists will be banned from Amsterdam cannabis cafes and shops.

Well, it seems to me despite a global pandemic, that hasn’t happened quite yet.

Even so, that’s a good enough reason to move to Amsterdam permanently, right?

With places like Barney’s Cafe having over 3,600 reviews on Google and visitors posting images of their recent experiences there, it’s safe to say you still have time to experience Amsterdam and all its cannabis glory.

With over 160 coffee shops to visit, there’s no shortage of cannabis to be consumed.

Places like Abrazes and the Original Dampkring Coffeeshop should be on the top of your list!

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