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Double Chocolate Feminized Seeds (Canuk Seeds) - ELITE STRAIN - A Quick Overview

Double Chocolate is one sweet sativa cannabis strain.

She produces uplifting cerebral effects leaving you feeling uplifted and motivated.

With chocolate, coffee, and fruity notes, this Double Chocolate is one tasty feminized cannabis strain.

Canuk Seeds’ Double Chocolate has an impressive THC content between 21-26% and yields 400-450 g/m2 of chocolatey goodness.

By crossing Coco Melon and OG Chocolate Thai, this strain has double the flavors and aromas of its parental varieties.

Additional Information
Seedbank Canuk Seeds
Sex Feminized
Variety Sativa
Strain Genetics Chocolate Thai OG x Chocolate Haze
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Flowering Time 9-10 Weeks
Where to Grow Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Taste / Flavor Chocolate, Coffee, Fruity
Effect Cerebral, Euphoric, Motivating
THC Content Around 21%
Yield 400-450g/m²
Customer Reviews
Frosty nugs. - Review by JohnJacob
This one was easy to grow. She's a very hungry plant too, don't be shy with the feeding. Big dense, frosty nuggets. Did a mainline for this one. 4 tops and LST to a net. Loved it (Posted on 2/8/2023)
Wow! A Super Sativa in an Indica Package - Review by Bootsy
This plant was easy to grow and gave a nice quantity of very tasty buds. She stayed relatively short with big wide leaves, but the buds were somewhat loose like i associate with sativas. No issues at all with the indoor grow in coco and Remo Nutrients. Really quality smoke with a smooth sweet taste and clear, uplifting high. Elite strain for sure! when this runs out, it will be replaced. I gave a couple of cuttings to a friend and this is now amongst his favourites too. (Posted on 10/14/2021)
Delicious Sativa Strain - Review by Joel
Grow: Grown outdoors in the ground, using organic amendments/fertilizers and rainwater in southern Ontario - growing zone
5b. She sprouted quickly and easily using the paper towel method. She grew up very tall and lanky in a nice typical sativa
christmas tree shape. This plant was medium difficulty to grow outdoors, we experienced some powdery mildew, but not until
late in flower, so it was easy to manage at that point. She also was very lanky, and required staking for support for the
entire grow.

Harvest: we let her go until September 29th when the trichomes were looking good under microscope. her final height was
7'8'', and she provided only 335g of dried flower.

Effects: after 5 weeks of cure - Smells Amazing. effects are strong, clear, long lasting, and motivating. Good for listening to music and concerts/going out. A very enjoyable daytime high

Thoughts: I would top her next time, and work harder on getting a higher yield. Would grow again for sure. (Posted on 8/11/2021)
Wow - Review by Million
This strain is growing so nicely! Cant wait to try it! (Posted on 4/1/2021)
Oh shit - Review by mogo
I picked this because I like the flavored varieties, and thought to test this ”elite strain.” I took one seed, cloned her four times and grew mom and three of her babes near a SoCal beach (I called these the OG). The fourth clone went up north to my sister in law in Yosemite. One of my OG clones looked like your picture, had crimson stems, but made me wonder how was one clone fat and bushy, but the others went into Christmas trees.

Here’s the reason for the title of my summary: I picked mom at 10 weeks, and one clone a week - flower time 10- 12 week was week 10 -mom. Week 11 - clone. Week 12 - clone. After five months curing, I’ll admit I thought they tasted like candy - week 12 tasted mighty great. But when I went to taste test with the family up north, WTF? Maybe her longer days? Maybe those stupid forest fires with all that extra CO2? Maybe her later harvest date? But oh shit - that was both our favorites of each of our personal homegrows! Elite definitely fits the naming here. (Posted on 3/22/2021)
Hot Chocolate - Review by OttoGelato
This is the best yielding cultivar I’ve grown, hands down. 422 gr from 3 plants, under a 630w CMH, in coco.

Haven’t tested it yet, but Have smoked it. It smokes really clean and a sweet kind of chocolate/coffee taste, with a nice elevated Sativa high. A really funky chocolate/lemon/pine jar smell.

Hot chocolate for breakfast seems about right! (Posted on 9/15/2020)
Top shelf - Review by Halfmanhalfhog
Had the seeds from a cunuk puk. Just as i though i had given up on canuk seeds the double chocolate really hit a home run. 1/4 pound plus off each seed. About 12 tops per plant. Only kept the top 3 bud sites per top and each cola ended up 10+ grams. Willy wonka would shit himself. Thing just swallows any nute you give it (Posted on 6/18/2020)
big buds - Review by Maxxximilian
got a qp+ of top shelf buds off one plant. under 2000w white led general hydro 123 plus some cali and carbo load (Posted on 5/31/2020)
Great Strain - Review by Smoky
This is an excellent sativa. Very energetic and uplifting high. This strain does take a long time to flower but it is totally worth it. The plants I grew had very large and resinous buds (largest were the size of my fist) although not all the plants developed the dark chocolatey colour shown in the picture (only one of them actually produced that colour). The cured buds have a very sweet floral/fruity smell to them and a very subtle chocolatey aroma. I was able to yield an average of 1/4 pound per plant grown indoors. If you have the patience for a long flowering strain then this is a great choice and I would for sure grow it again! (Posted on 5/18/2020)
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