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Another favourite back my popular demand in an autoflowering version, GG#4 Auto!

Our GG#4 Auto retains all of the aroma and taste of the parenting genetics with strong hints of chocolate and diesel accompanied by earthy, and spicy undertones.

GG#4 Auto has mostly sativa effects providing a powerful all encompassing euphoria, which is great for creative activities and social events.

The yield of GG#4 can vary just like any other strain but you can expect a large harvest at up to 450g/m² indoor and up to 300g/plant outdoor.

Additional Information

Seedbank Canuk Seeds
Sex Feminized
Variety Mostly Sativa
Strain Genetics GG#4 x Ruderalis
Flowering Type Autoflowering
Flowering Time 55-58 Days
Where to Grow Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Medical Conditions Depression, Lack of Appetite, Nausea, Pain, Stress
Taste / Flavor Chocolate, Diesel, Earthy, Spicy
Effect Creative, Euphoric
THC Content up to 23%
Yield Up to 450g/m² Indoor; Up to 300g/Plant Outdoor

Customer Reviews

Massive yield Review by Mike
First grow didn't go great but the second grow yielded about 400 g for one plant indoors. Potency is very good. (Posted on 11/8/2021)
Fat buds, nice frost, good smell Review by Gwid
It started very poorly. Looked weird from the moment it broke soil but past seedling stage that thing was unstoppable. I did a lot of LST on it and got 5 HUGE colas and 4 medium sized ones. Super frosty too! Doesn't smell like I expected it to. Mostly earthy with hints of chocolate/dessert. It was very forgiving of my mistakes as it was one of the 2 plants of my first grow. Had issues with my Ph for a couple of weeks until I got a decent pen but it still grew some of the fattest buds I've ever seen! Will definitely grow this one again! Final thoughts: Resilient plant, looks nice, smells nice and the high is a focused head high with mild body relaxation. Overall 8.5/10. Happy growing! (Posted on 12/31/2020)
Amazingly underrated !! Review by Vapor
This plant is about 2 months old, I wish we could post pics it’s 40” tall without the pot.Tied back the bottom 3 nodes so they lay more flat to get the sun\light. Will be doing more LST, but so far these GG #4 are tanks. WILL be buying again.
Great genetics Canuck Seeds ???????? (Posted on 6/11/2020)
Boxing gloves Review by Jeff
Not the largest plant, but super dense boxing glove size colas (Posted on 5/29/2020)
WOW Review by Ciro
I started this seed back in Nov. It is now Feb and have at least three more weeks to go.This plant is amazingly huge topped at 4th node and I have the biggest densest buds I've ever produced that are dripping with resin. Not a very strong smell chocolate sweetness is how I'd describe it.Expecting a very big yeild.Will update with yield and smoke report after harvest and cure. Grown in coco (Posted on 3/4/2020)

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