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Skywalker OG Feminized Seeds (Canuk Seeds) - ELITE STRAIN - A Quick Overview

What is Skywalker OG Strain?

Skywalker OG is an exceptional strain that combines the genetics of Skywalker and OG Kush. This potent hybrid is known for its impressive THC levels, ranging from 23-26%. With low CBD content, this strain delivers a powerful and euphoric experience.

Genetics of Skywalker OG Strain

The Skywalker OG strain is a cross between two legendary strains: Skywalker and OG Kush. The combination of these genetics results in a unique and flavorful cannabis strain that offers a remarkable experience.

Is Skywalker OG Strain Indica or Sativa?

Skywalker OG is mostly Indica dominant, making it perfect for relaxation and unwinding after a long day. It provides a calming effect on the body while also offering a euphoric high.

THC and CBD Levels

Skywalker OG boasts high THC levels, ranging from 23-26%, which contributes to its potent effects. However, it has low CBD content, with levels typically below 1%.

Appearance of Skywalker OG Strain

The buds of Skywalker OG are dense and compact, featuring vibrant green hues intertwined with orange pistils. These resinous buds are covered in a thick layer of trichomes, giving them a frosty appearance.

Taste and Smell of Skywalker OG Strain

Skywalker OG offers a delightful combination of flavors and aromas. Its taste profile includes notes of diesel, fruity sweetness, citrus undertones, hints of lemon, and a subtle piney finish. The aroma is equally enticing, filling the air with its captivating blend.

Effects of Skywalker OG Strain

This strain delivers a powerful and well-rounded experience. Users can expect an initial euphoric rush, followed by a deep sense of relaxation. Skywalker OG is known for its ability to ease both physical and mental tension, making it ideal for stress relief and promoting a peaceful state of mind. It may also induce sleepiness, making it perfect for nighttime use.

How to Grow Skywalker OG Strain

Growing Skywalker OG is a rewarding experience for both novice and experienced growers. This strain thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments, but careful attention should be given to maintain optimal conditions. It has a medium-sized yield, producing around 500-600 grams per square meter indoors or 600-700 grams per plant outdoors. With a flowering time of 7-9 weeks, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor relatively quickly.

How to Germinate Skywalker OG Seeds

To germinate Skywalker OG seeds, start by placing them in a damp paper towel or using a germination kit. Keep the temperature between 70-85°F (21-29°C) and ensure that the seeds remain moist. Within a few days, you should see the seeds sprout with small white taproots emerging.

Flowering Time of Skywalker OG Strain

The flowering time for Skywalker OG is relatively quick, taking approximately 7-9 weeks before it reaches full maturity. During this period, make sure to provide the necessary nutrients, light cycles, and environmental factors to maximize growth potential.

Yield of Skywalker OG Strain

Skywalker OG offers a medium-sized yield, making it suitable for growers who desire quality buds without excessive effort. When grown indoors, you can expect to harvest around 500-600 grams per square meter. Outdoor cultivation yields slightly higher results, averaging around 600-700 grams per plant.

How to Store Your Skywalker OG Feminized Seeds?

To ensure the longevity and viability of your Skywalker OG feminized seeds, it's crucial to store them properly. Keep the seeds in a cool, dark, and dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Airtight containers or seed vaults are ideal for preserving their quality over an extended period.

Buy Skywalker OG Feminized Seeds

If you're looking to experience the exceptional qualities of Skywalker OG strain, Canuk Seeds offers premium-quality feminized seeds that guarantee consistent results. Don't miss out on this incredible strain – buy your Skywalker OG feminized seeds today!

Please note these cannabis seeds are available for sale only in Canada and USA.

Additional Information
Seedbank Canuk Seeds
Sex Feminized
Variety Mostly Indica
Strain Genetics Skywalker x OG Kush
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Flowering Time 7 - 9 weeks
Where to Grow Indoors, Greenhouse, Outdoors
Taste / Flavor Citrus, Diesel, Fruity, Lemon, Pine
Effect Euphoric, Powerful, Relaxing, Sleepy
Plant Height Medium
CBD Content Low (0-1%)
THC Content 23-26%
Yield 500-600 gr/m2 indoor / 600-700 gr/ plant outdoor
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