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Zkittlez Auto Feminized Seeds (Canuk Seeds) - ELITE STRAIN - A Quick Overview

Canuk Seeds' Zkittlez Auto Fem ELITE cannabis strain is an energizing and tasty Sativa-dominant hybrid you can enjoy throughout the day.

Enjoy a mix of sweet, fruity flavours with a hint of earthy aroma for a smooth and calming experience. The effects of this strain are balanced between body relaxation and creativity to help you keep your focus and relieve stress simultaneously.

Discover different unexpected flavours with each hit as Zkittlez Auto harmoniously combines sweet, sour and tart aromas.

Buy Zkittlez ELITE Autoflowering Feminized Seeds today and feel refreshed!

Additional Information
Seedbank Canuk Seeds
Sex Feminized
Variety Mostly Sativa
Strain Genetics Zkittlez x Ruderalis
Flowering Type Autoflowering
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
Where to Grow Indoors, Greenhouse, Outdoors
Taste / Flavor Fruity, Tropical
Effect Euphoric, Uplifting
THC Content 19-26%
Yield Up to 450g/m² Indoor; Up to 300g/Plant Outdoor
Customer Reviews
ZkittleZ reigns from the rainbow - Review by Dsquared
I grew her under a 8,000 apelila led light without the flower boost on in ten weeks. With fox farm happy frog, coco-loco, coarse pearlite, and promix soils. Fox farm big bloom&tiger bloom, ionics pk boost&silicate, emerald harvests honey chome, hibrix molasses, and general hydroponics ph up or down. Plus digital testers for water ph, soil ph, lux/lumens, wind speed, room temperature and infrared thermometers. And I got 3 ounces of rock solid round nugs after LST. Not the highest yield but it's the best looking and tastiest. Taste the rainbow. (Posted on 6/26/2022)
Nice smoke, fun grow and just Dank Candy - Review by Customer
Easy plant to grow does get finicky near the end with the nutrients, was using Remo 6-7ml/gal through veg and beginning of bloom, once mid bloom I drop to 4-5ml/gal notice burning happening which was weird for being on 5-6wks feed amount, about 12 weeks from seed germination to harvest
Very awesome odor, smell stands out, like dank bag of candy, just load and sticky icky got some good finger hash when trimming am just starting to cure

LST but yield wasn't the best on weight but quality is their, nice high, buds are airy like a sativa
Thinking I stunted it with to much fertilizer or introducing the bloom feed to early into the transition stage, was focusing the feed time to another cultivar so that could have played a role as well
Will grow again, once the Canuk Gorilla Zkittlez are finish be doing a 4 plant run on the autopot system and see what happens by doing a longer veg time feed before flipping to bloom and be doing 2 plants LST and 2 just lollipop grow and see what happens
Is a fun cultivar to grow, going to be fun experimenting with this strain on the next round and future grows to come, she's just fruity dank, just slapped a smile on my face every time I opened the tent good hahaha
Thanks CANUK Seeds for the sale, apologies for the multiple reviews on this page, will do a update on the 4 plant run when they finish (Posted on 11/29/2020)
Stoked with anticipation - Review by Customer
15L AutoPot system with MarsHydro Sp-250 lighting and Remo Nutrients
Low Stress Training one and mainline the other
Like to say good work CANUK SEEDS Team

Strong vigorous veg period, been going for 4 weeks. girl has nice tight internodes, nice big and wide indica leaves and responding well to LST not showing any signs of flowering as of yet might be a good indication of a heavier harvest from what I've read, she just a dense beautiful bush
The other lady is strong, slow start due to hiccups, had to mainline in a effort to get her going, the added stress worked wonders and she seems to be running on the vegging part now, she's about 3 weeks of age growing in a fabric pot, once again nice internode spacing and leaf span
In all so far very impressed
These girls can take nutrients receiving about 30-35ml/5gal of REMO nutrients, NO leaf tip burning since the system been on for 2 weeks, have a photoperiod lady vegging on the same feed and been showing signs of tip burning but thriving (Canuk seeds ZkittlezxGG4) found that to very interesting in a neat cool science way
Keep up the awesome work

Going to push these lady's on the feed and training
Looking forward to see the results will update again (Posted on 10/2/2020)
Recieved :) - Review by Customer
Took advantage on a sale deal on 25 pk, they're nice dark and healthy looking seeds good size as well ... but one ... ''She's'' a big one, little deformed in shape and cloudy bone white pale in shell color, so I choose that one, that 1 odd ball seed to be the first to be grown out of this pk.

Process and shipping was fast, even had a question after purchase and emailed Canuk seeds had my questions answered within 14 hours.

Will update with a review after a few grows and how this Odd Ball Bean turns out as well

4 stars happy with the order and the quality of seeds recieved, can't give 5 on a cultivar I haven't grown
Cheers (Posted on 5/2/2020)
Decent Yeilding Auto Flower! - Review by TurpsNPurps
I featured this strain on my Youtube channel ( TurpsNPurps). It is featured from Ep1-Ep5 and there's a harvest video on it. I grew this under a 420 true watt full spectrum led grow light, coco medium (5gal pot), and organic dry amendments. The plant took 10 1/2 weeks from sprout to harvest and it yielded 48Grams. Buds were not rock solid, more on the fluffy side. The overall smell and appearance were nice. (Posted on 12/23/2019)
Easy grow in hydro - Review by Enviros
Hey i just wanted to say I'm very impressed with how well these are growing in my autopot XL. I have 2 different phenos from a 5 pack. A bushy beast and a lanky beast. I'm still currently just entering the flowering stage and I've got many flowering spots. Easy to grow. I'll update after she's finished. (Posted on 12/20/2019)
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