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Take a critical hit with Canuk’s new Auto AK x Critical Mass!

The Auto AK x Critical Mass was created by breeding two of our favourite autoflowering phenotypes, Auto AK and Auto Critical. This high yielding, highly psychoactive autoflowering strain draws on the best qualities of each set of parent genetics.

After only 7-8 weeks after germination, this unique plant will produce one main cola with resinous lateral branching. Flowering in only 7-8 weeks from seed, you can expect the Auto AK x Critical to produce one main cola with resinous lateral branching throughout.

This high-yielding hybrid is the perfect addition to your garden!

Additional Information

Seedbank Canuk Seeds
Sex Feminized
Variety Indica / Sativa
Strain Genetics AK x Critical Mass Auto
Flowering Type Autoflowering
Flowering Time 8 weeks
Where to Grow Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
THC Content 24%
Yield 650 – 750 pm2 indoors, Average of 200g/plant Outdoor and up to 2000g/plant outdoor in southern areas

Customer Reviews

Good, but with reservations Review by Mark
Grew two of these outdoors in 7 gal fabric pots, full sun with moderate feeding. Both were distinctly different from each other. One grew to 84 CM, the other to 67 CM. Harvested in the 11th week, both with dense colas riddled with botrytis, one type more than the other. Even discarding somewhere between a third to half the buds they still produced 260g nice buds. There had been many nights of heavy dew, maybe would do better in a drier climate. (Posted on 10/7/2019)
Acmpr grow Review by Peter
Ordered a pack of 200, took about 3 weeks to get them (50%off sale took place when I ordered)
Great plants, but only recommended for small grows. 25% or my crop is about a meter and a half tall, another 25-30% it's about a meter tall, and the remainder of the crop are wide/stumpy/bushy-- and Wide!!

Idefinetly not an 8 week strain, from what I'm seeing I've got another 3-4 weeks until the cut down.. but they are monsters.
They started pistoling in week 5 (18hrs of light) middle of week 6 I switched to 12/12 plants took well to change and can handle stress well!!
Only issues with these autos (in general with autos) you're going to have some more advanced in growth stages than others; so while 1/4th of ny crop will be ready by week 10 3/4ths still have some time before maturing.

Key notes for this strain
- she loves humidity
- she grows wide
- some grow very tall and wide together
(These ones need extra tender love and care, need to be tied so they don't brake upon themselves)

Now only thing that is a must if taking this road is each girl must be looked at individually and tightly examined found myself a hermaphadite now keeping an eye on 2 others with a similar body build.
Also have one that's been yellow since it sprouted, she's still growing but very small and the yellowing of her leaves aren't appealing.

As for all that be back and let you all know what the end result is in 3-4 weeks (Posted on 7/13/2019)
A good buy. Review by Travis
I purchased a pack of 100
I will list pros and cons.

Shipping was discreet and fast. NO ISSUES
So far all of my seeds have germinated at 100 percent success, I have germinated over 50 beans. NO ISSUES
During Growing the first time they were small then at about 3 weeks they EXPLODED. NO ISSUES
The grow time was actually 9 weeks until finish but I did not hit them hard at switch with bloom nutes, IF I had they would have finished in 8 weeks. NO ISSUES
The final product was massive dense single colas( I do not LST or top) with a dozen or more lateral colas depending on the plant. The smell was amazing almost like super skunk but a bit fruity, made me think of pinesol for some reason Every bit of 22 Percent THC and a super smooth smoke. This plant is great for hashish as well, they were covered in snow. NO ISSUES


Only one thing kept this from a 5 star review, that is the strain seemed to me to not be fully stable. I grow 24 at a time and I produced 4 distinct phenos and a stable strain should be no more than two phenos, All the phenos were still good and I had two that reached a massive 46 inches tall! They were not lanky either, node spacing of 1.5 inches! I mean it a massive bush for an autoflower. My yields were HUGE from those big phenos.

I am a breeder as well, not to the general public though, just for me. I did complete two more grow and I bred the massive phenos and now after a few more grows I will have the stable monster pheno I am needing! Thank you TNSB, this has made my collection permanently for sure.

(Posted on 1/30/2019)
Hidden Treasure Review by Robert
I have grown this version of AK two times and was not disappointed. My plants were full with a excellent finish and does reach the potency described. The flavour is yummy and the effects are immediate a excellent day time smoke Giddy up go. I would defiantly grow this again. (Posted on 11/29/2018)

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