Shortstuff Seeds

Shortstuff Seeds

Above all, the Shortstuff Seeds team are cannabis enthusiasts!

Beyond that, they are passionate about auto-flowering genetics and their constant improvement.

They are a group of breeders working in Spain alongside the autoflowering expert and creator of the super-auto: Breeder Stitch.

This team has been working with cannabis genetics since the 1990s and switched their focus to autos in the mid-2000s when the Joint Doctor created the original auto: Lowryder.

Once they realized that the Joint Doctors' creation meant that cannabis plants could go from seed to bud in 65 days regardless of how many hours of sunlight they got, they knew autoflowering cannabis varieties were the way forward and the next step in the cannabis cultivation industry.

Customer Feedback+

Really fantastic seeds bank,from Canada need time for received seeds is much more faster and ppl's there know how get seeds much more safer... Alex D