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Afghan Hash Plant Feminized Seeds (Canuk Seeds) - ELITE STRAIN - A Quick Overview

Get a taste of the classic Indica landrace, Afghan Hash Plant!

Acquired from heirloom gifted genetics, we are ecstatic to offer this pure landrace indica.

The Afghan Hash Plant gives a spicy, fuel, hashy aroma accompanied by a earthy, woody taste, with vanilla undertones.

Unlike typical Indicas our Afghan Hash Plant has a slightly stimulating effect with many users describing it as a euphoric, uplifting, creative, relaxing and an extremely long lasting experience.

Afghan Hash Plant typically stays short and stocky producing light green, dense buds, heavily frosted in trichomes.

Additional Information
Seedbank Canuk Seeds
Sex Feminized
Variety Indica
Strain Genetics Landrace Afghani
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Flowering Time 8 - 9 Weeks
Where to Grow Indoors, Greenhouse, Outdoors
Taste / Flavor Earthy, Spicy, Woody
Effect Euphoric, Hungry, Relaxing, Sedative
CBD Content <1%
THC Content Very High
Yield 400-600g/m²
Customer Reviews
Resilient, forgiving, strong dense yield. - Review by Grant
I grew one, beginning it inside in April, before putting it outside in may. it was south facing and I did not care for it or water it well enough, it survived drought easily, repotting it in july, from this point watering it regularly it took off and even though I live in eastern ontario and most growth ends by mid september, it continued growing until mid october, surviving multiple frosts, and eventually was harvested early november after it had withered.

Plant that loves heat and doesnt mind cold, its denseness makes it very prone to powdery mildew, and even covered on a balcony the largest open leaves exhibited some paleness, would definitely recommend shaping efforts during growth and covering it from dew/misting rains if you live in a very humid climate.

*despite yielding ~28g of dry weed which I found equal in quality to government products when smoking, the dense buds also produced ~20 fully formed seeds randomly distributed within, 11 have sprouted so far and im hoping to compare them to an unused seed of this variety this summer. (Posted on 4/27/2023)
Fire strain - Review by herbal.whisperer
Thus is a amazing strain. Old school Genetics and a great couch locker. Amazing tastes and a heavy yeilder .
One of my favorites (Posted on 1/20/2023)
great smell and taste - Review by Bribert
I planned to grow this plant to make hash. The buds grew thick and dense and the smell was not overpowering. It is very humid here and I had to stay ahead of the powdery mildew, using a weekly neem oil treatment. After drying and curing, this was the best tasting and smelling bud from my garden. Not the most powerful, but a joy to smoke the bud in a bowl. I haven't been able to make the hash yet and am enjoying it as bud. (Posted on 1/12/2023)
Is there a better all around plant? - Review by Colin
I've grown this for 3 years in a row and it just keeps getting better. The terpenes alone will get you high LoL smells so unbelievable and tastes just as good as it smells. Great happy relaxing buzz too. Very powerful stuff. (Posted on 10/26/2022)
Biggest shade leaves i've ever seen. - Review by kenny
Started late and will have to put indoors to bud. 1foot leaves, huge. Beautiful looking plant. Been growing since late 60's . From the other reviews have said I can't wait to try an original indica. again. (Posted on 8/24/2022)
Seems like a decent plant - Review by Mike
Just starting to flower but she's a nice deep green standing at 7 foot tall and almost as wide! (Posted on 8/14/2022)
Beautiful - Review by Kanda
Grew this plant outdoors in 15 gallon bag with organic nutrients, and what a beauty. 7 feet tall and frosted from head to toe, a pleasure to grow. Just shy of 3 pounds harvested. (Posted on 12/8/2021)
Amazing ....... but be warned - Review by Green Giant Grower
I am an experienced grower who has grown over 100 plants and I can tell you that this Afghan Hash is one of the top plants I have grown.

I grew three this year and the quantity and the quality of the buds was unsurpassed. Each plant grew 7 feet tall and had a diameter of 10 feet, so space them at least 6 feet apart. A perfect Christmas Tree shape. The plants were loaded in very large and dense buds, the buds were 3-4 inches thick and over a foot long. The main cola was 18 inches long and 4 inches in diameter. Now here's the BUT....... Because the buds were so large and so dense the rain we had in late September and early October caused bud rot. They were rotting before they were mature to harvest. So I lost at least half my crop due to bud rot. Such as shame. If I had to estimate the quantity at least 1kg of well dried and trimmed buds from each plant. I would still highly recommend this strain, just be ready to deal with the rot :-( (Posted on 10/12/2021)
Nice - Review by stephane
I have a lot of genetics just to make hash so i make i try with that afghan H, growing are very easy the ygrowing fast and tall IN flowering take a lot of place they try to catch the light!!LOL ready in just 6 week (45 dayMAX) the bud smell strong taste like orange citrus...the ice hash finish black the real afghan but the most beautiful is the buzz ...very strong (Posted on 6/29/2021)
Afghan hash - Review by Farmer_j
Growing amazing huge buds extremely uniform bud structure! not as frosty as i had expected. Will update once I harvest and cure. (Posted on 3/3/2021)
Would buy again - Review by Fish
Grew a 6x6 monster outside last year fast growing, took hot an cool days like a champ . Was really impressed with it . (Posted on 12/25/2020)
Review of AFGAN HASH PLANT - Review by RichardJ
Bought a pack (3) seeds, all 3 germinated, but only 1 grew! I got well over 2 pounds off 1 plant. Huge kolas, this plant was massive! I would recommend this seed, but keep in mind the survival rate! Great smoking, great taste, great buzz! (Posted on 11/7/2020)
awesome - Review by scott
I am in the middle of a grow ( 4 weeks into flower, and this plant is beautiful. She fills up a quarter of my 5' x 5' tent very easily, responds very well to my LST program and so far is COVERED in crystal. She is a must have for any grower in my book. (Posted on 10/25/2020)
Good stuff - Review by Mike
This was my second grow. Small tent, 600w LED, Fox Farm trio and three plants. Started germination on 2/1 in peat pots and harvested approx 6/1. I learned about nutrient burn on this one with two of the plants but that is my fault and it was not a disaster. Really wonderful smoke and easy to grow. (Posted on 9/29/2020)
100% germ from 3 seeds. Good drowers. - Review by Derek
Very good growers and decent heavy feeders after week 3 of veg. I messed up a little on the flowering nutrients a bit still came out sticky and heavily frosted. Great strain! (Posted on 3/19/2020)
A must have! - Review by Heisenberg
Perfect in every way for beginners and connoisseurs alike! (Posted on 2/6/2020)
Beautiful - Review by Headley
Medium plants with dense sticky flowers (Posted on 1/10/2020)
GOOD STUFF - Review by Darin
Super frosty sticky gooey goodness (Posted on 12/30/2019)
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