World of Seeds

World of Seeds

World of Seeds company is a breeder of premium cannabis strains.

This team is composed of cannabis breeders and professionals such as biologists, pharmacists, and geneticists of multi-cultural origins whose main aim is to contribute to the advancement of everything about cannabis.

World of Seeds was founded to contribute to society with their particular way of understanding the judicious use of cannabis as a medicine, emphasizing its already existent use as anti-emetic and analgesic in palliative medicine and its possible applications in the future as a powerful antioxidant and antispasmodic agent.

Aside from the medicinal properties that can be derived from developing new strains of cannabis seeds, they believe that there is still much to be learned from this versatile and controversial plant.

Their guide is the passion we feel for this wonderful, controversial, therapeutically beneficial plant.

Customer Feedback+

Really fantastic seeds bank,from Canada need time for received seeds is much more faster and ppl's there know how get seeds much more safer... Alex D