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Quarter Pounder Auto Feminized Seeds (Canuk Seeds) - A Quick Overview

Our Quarter Pounder is the result of a 2 year stability breeding program using some special Brazilian genetics. This variety is exclusively available from Canuk Seeds.

This is a very powerful strain alongside very generous yields.

Auto Quarter Pounder is harvested around 80 to 85 days after germination. This is a little longer than other Autos, but with this variety the extra time was needed to give the best combination of potency, taste and crop size.

The plants may be a little larger than usual, up to 2m tall.

This is a new Auto strain that will amaze any grower. This stain has a mainly Indica appearance and bud structure paired with a sweet and sour, citrus-like aroma and taste.

Additional Information
Seedbank Canuk Seeds
Sex Feminized
420 Sale Discount 42% OFF
Variety Mostly Sativa
Flowering Type Autoflowering
Flowering Time 85 days from seed
Where to Grow Indoors, Greenhouse, Outdoors
Taste / Flavor Citrus, Sour, Sweet
Plant Height up to 2m tall
CBD Content High
THC Content 25%
Yield 6 oz. per plant with co2 under 1000 hps, or outdoors in the south
Customer Reviews
An extremely resilient strain - Review by Masshole Mike
This is in my top 3 for Autoflowers.

Easy to grow
Extremely resilient to diseases, mold, and Newby mistakes. While some people claim topping this strain is better but, I have gotten good results with LST as well as topping. Personally I will not top anymore of these. I will just do some LST and pinwheel the main stalk after it hits the height I would like. These are perfect for SOG or even if you just want to to one or two.

Good smoke when grown and cured properly, with some kick ass THC levels and has a higher CBD value.

I will buy again, and again and again :) (Posted on 4/24/2022)
Not bad - Review by Robert
Great way smoke (Posted on 1/11/2021)
Simply fabulous. Big yield & smooth as silk - Review by Mike
I will do this one again. No fancy name conjuring images of exotica, Quarter Pounder....Simple and that's how it is. Very nicely at that. 100w Spider QB, Black Gold organic, 5 gal fabric pot, 19/5, and that's about it. I had nutrient burned a previous grow so was hesitant to use any on this one. Two very small doses of fox farm trio about 7-8 weeks in is all the nutrients I did. Grew short and took to LST very well. This really grew very healthy. Harvested the top portion about day 85 or so and the rest went past 90. Very smooth smoke. I really like it, one of my favorites for sure. Pretty cerebral for certain. Pulled approx 2.5 ounces off the one plant with really just organic soil and 100w light. None too shabby from my experience. Only thing not getting 5 stars is one did not germinate so I only got to grow one but that's how it goes sometimes. Very happy with Canuk and their stuff and their staff. This was my third grow ever, growing my fourth now and all have been from Canuk. I honestly couldn't be happier. Quarter Pounder. It's a good name and fitting for sure comparing yields to my other grows. Simple, sweet, and smooth. (Posted on 12/11/2020)
Bulky yields - Review by Kurtis
Loved this grow, I used quick grow out of kelowna British Columbia for nutrients And it made these ladies bulk! Over a quarter pound from two plants (Posted on 6/13/2020)
easy - Review by Sean
100% success for 5 seeds (Posted on 3/18/2020)
Very Happy - Review by Andy
Every seed germinated, easy to grow. (Posted on 10/19/2019)
Lives up to the name! - Review by Caligula
Location: Midwestern Ontario - Grey Bruce County in a full-sun bed.
Planted: May 24th weekend
Harvest: August 18th
Yield (after trimming/drying) - 167 grams excluding all my trim.
A solid, relaxing stain. (Posted on 8/21/2019)
quarter pounder - Review by shadow
the QP grew very well buds are huge if reg plants had this much bud you would get over 10lbs the buds are stinky and stinky at the same time I let the plant go to 95 days and that last 15 days made a world of diff almost half their size again in the last 15 days don`t indulge my self but I love to grow it and I do make salve I also split the stocks made the tricones really pop will buy again (Posted on 8/9/2019)
Impressive - Review by NLTrees
Very impressed with these genetics, especially for an auto. Very consistent single pheno expressed in the 5 seed pack. (all seeds germinated. i assume most of the issues with people not getting their seeds to pop is user error)

Strong plants. Slow to stretch and takes well to vigorous LST. Very tolerant to almost all forms of stress as most other reviews state it is really not a difficult strain to grow. Great work Canuk seeds. Would order again despite the high purchase price. Worth the money (Posted on 6/11/2019)
Rookie grower...impressed! - Review by Tom
Got as a freebie, not what I requested but oh well. Decided to closet grow just for the fun of it. One LED bulb. Germinated in 3 days, popped a few days later. White pistils at 20 days, light was 18/6 wow. Now at day 55, about 18'' tall, plenty of buds, top one is wicked nice. Smells great! I agree with a previous review, if you can't grow this...grow tomatoes. Wish I could submit a pic. (Posted on 12/3/2018)
Great yield - Review by Robert
A good strong plant; topped and got 86grams from a full sun bed and this is when I was forced to harvest her 3 weeks early owing to rainy and overly humid weather. I'm already growing another :) (Posted on 8/14/2018)
top notch - Review by Derek
Amazing plant harvested at 90 days from seed. Lst her at approx 21 days, She had at least 8 big main buds and huge popcorn buds all through out the middle. Thick red haired sweet smelling buds coated in frost. Dried and cured just over 85 grams. Very happy and glad I have 5 more of these seeds. (Posted on 7/21/2018)
So nice! - Review by David
Topped this and trained. Just WOW! Does this thing ever stop producing! Nice job Canuk Seeds. (Posted on 5/3/2018)
Topping is a must - Review by Jerry
topped this and training is a super must for a fat yield. Canuk Seeds always are amazing! (Posted on 4/27/2018)
Unreal Plant , most i ever got off Auto - Review by Geoffrey
I ended up having to flower her with my photos at 12/12 and that is the magic trick. I ended up getting a huge bush covered in frost every branch was covered. Pulled little over 5 zips cured. Very easy for any skill level (Posted on 4/22/2018)
now on final finish line. 58 tall. - Review by Nobis
slow auto but worth the wait. final 10+- days. at least 6 oz. , aroma unreal. indoor grow. for those that did not have Success with QP, grow tomatoes. matures very quickly after weeks of white pistils. cant wait to do an outdoor version (Posted on 4/6/2018)
Grows fast - Review by Rob
Super fast and tall. Nice plentiful buds. Just GR8 (Posted on 4/3/2018)
Good plant - Review by Gogo
Well, the strain summary is off IMO. The plant grew strong and finished about right. I got 3zips. It did not grow to 6ft, not a chance indoors. I used NICE LEDS. It is the smoothest bud I HAVE EVER SMOKED. I grow organic. The buzz is easy going NO paranoia and it won’t put you to sleep. I did not let it go much past milky trichs. It grew to be about 18” tall (Posted on 3/2/2018)
one late went crazy - Review by njazitron
pulled less than 2oz from a 1.5sqft/4fter at around day 80. its sister went an additional 30 days, filled the 3sqft space, got to be over 6ft and produced 3/4lb dense and frosty. while i'd rather have a handle on timing, i'll take the 3/4lb any day. very nice effects. (Posted on 2/26/2018)
Very impressed - Review by D
Very happy with how fast my order came, within one two days...... I like how it gives advice what to use , just started growing mine now so far working out great!!! (Posted on 2/17/2018)
Received seeds in 6 days. - Review by Rebecca
Super excited to see how these turn out. The seeds arrived in 6 days, which is impressive! I was hoping for some of the freebies that were mentioned in some of the reviews included in my order but no such luck. I'll definitely use TNSB again. Ladies are germing now, will update as things progress. 2/16/18 (Posted on 2/16/2018)
Great Automatic - Review by ILuvPot
I don't usually grow automatics, both because it's easy to get clones here in Cali, and I don't particularly like the taste of autos. That being said, The Quarter Pounder that I received for free is on of the most solid autos I've ever grown/smoked.

With *no* care and hardly any nutes (mostly just runoff), I pulled over 2 oz of really nice bud from this thing... sitting in the corner of my veg room, in leftover reused soil. The taste wasn't bad at all; didn't taste like an auto. Tasted like what we would have just called ''greenbud'' back in the day. Nice effect for a daytime smoke-and-go :)

Great stuff, unless you're a weed-snob! (Posted on 7/20/2017)
Truth is they told the truth. - Review by handjive4mota
Very good for what ails one. So happy with first batch ordered 25 more seeds for the late summer to early fall outdoor grow. These plants
are fun to watch and a grin to harvest. Canuk does a great job with seed germ & vigor, even better during promos. (Posted on 6/27/2017)
1/2 way through - Review by Spacejunkie
Very impressive so far. Waste to drain set up. My first grow in 20 years. Lots of bumps, but I'm remote growing. 6 weeks in plants just starting to show sex. Using nutes as strong as suggested by manufacturer. No tip burn. Over 20'' with 1 week worth of stunting errors so far. 9 seeds germinated (1 seed saved)12hr water bath then paper towel method. Solid seeds. Bushing out like crazy. Bottom branches are catching up to the top. Noticeable daily growth,If they are not growing you are doing something wrong. Great way to teach you how to grow. If I can grow this being away 3 weeks out of the month, then you should easily manage a regular grow. (Posted on 5/30/2017)
big and strong - Review by Caroline
Plant grew fast and huge, nice odour, I'm about 2 weeks from finish.. I'm sure she will taste great! Highly recommend. (Posted on 3/11/2017)
Excellent Strain!! - Review by Christopher
I highly recommend this strain to people new to growing, it needs very little attention, almost anyone could harvest one these with ease. Only thing is mine only grew to about 16'' tall, not the 2 meters was told. Other than that it is very good strong smoke, Buds got huge and super frosty! I will buy more of these!!! (Posted on 3/8/2017)
grow smaller than advertised. - Review by jimpepper
started the Quarter pounder along with 3 northern lights and a blue cheese. The QP was first to harvest in about 75 days indoors. I could of waited but it was ready before the rest. 18/6 lights,showed sex early. . Nice buds 1.25 oz. Very similar to the BC in looks, height and growth, just 2 feet high , not 2 meters. The northerns grew a bit taller and took 2 weeks longer to harvest,but smaller buds . Overall a nice strain, healthy , easy , and nice big buds. (Posted on 2/10/2017)
Fantastic auto flower - Review by Mark
I got 5oz off a 600w HPS light, with some lst training, 3.5gallon dwc bucket 68 days it was fire, will order more, go light on nutes!!!!! (Posted on 2/5/2017)
Excellent - Review by Al
Got a freebie and man I think I have to order some this thing is a 9 days old and it's thriving.... germed in 1 1/2 days and has been growing like heck. Very strong sturdy plant. Can't wait to see final results (Posted on 1/2/2017)
5 weeks in - Review by Jim
popped in 1 day and planted, came out of soil in a day or two , showed sex within weeks, at 4 weeks buds showing. LST from start and I have 8-10 main buds coming in nicely. 5 weeks its about 12'' high (after growing sideways from start) and is about 15'' around. Long way to go so this should yield a lot of buds. Very excited to see how big it gets. indoors under led and cfl bulbs. also grew a blue cheese which developed very similarly. (Posted on 12/26/2016)
Awesome sativa - Review by Wagonweed
This is a great strain. Wicked day time smoke, no burnout. Not for night time it will keep you up and doing shit!
High is strong in the head.
The buds grew big and fat , best of all it had very little leaf. Smell and taste were some what earthy, cured slowly, was amazing after 6 weeks. But we'll worth it. I smoked it all the way from weeks 2-6 of cure and it only got better.
I pulled it a week early at 75 day's from seed. If you have high powered lights she will yield large, I did a bit of lst on her.
Would buy again for sure. (Posted on 10/29/2016)
So far so good - Review by Rick Sanchez
Received 2 has freebies. Germinated 1 with no issues. Growing like a bush. (Posted on 10/9/2016)
ok - Review by josh
cool man thx (Posted on 9/24/2016)
Greaaatt! - Review by MrBigbug
got 5 free seeds when I purchased a few packs, all 5 germinated and are growing insanely good!
If your seeds didn't germinate, your doing something wrong! (Posted on 8/6/2016)
So far so good - Review by P
First off, I want to say that my order was accurately and promptly sent by True North and I will be ordering from them avain,
As for the QP strain, I had no problems with germ and these were the first to sprout of the 5 strains I started. Not bad for freebies! (Posted on 8/3/2016)
Germ right away. - Review by Ryan
Less than 24hrs in a shot glass, and it popped. For a free seed I'm pretty impressed. Never grown an auto before so I'm pretty excited. (Posted on 7/29/2016)
Excellent strain - Review by Matt
Great plant! Super easy to grow. Not fussy at all. Big resinous buds and highly potent!! Got about 1.5 oz from one plant. Definitely recommend. (Posted on 7/19/2016)
0 for 2. - Review by lisa
I planted five seeds, belonging to 4 strains. They all sprouted, but two of them just didn't have the strength to grow leaves. Those two were both 1/4 pounders. The others are still going strong. I'll move forward with other strains. (Posted on 6/2/2016)
Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet - Review by gunnerboy7y
Awesomeness I read all these reviews about these guys that can't germinate seeds I don't have any problems from any seed banks not crop Kings not any of them it's a bad seeds bad seed but other than that I'm going to make it pop and grow thanks crop Kings white widows are doing good sprouted out the ground underneath the Led (Posted on 5/1/2016)
not bad at all! - Review by wizeguy
got a pack of 5, 4/5 germinated! sticking with this one.. (Posted on 5/6/2015)
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