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Ghost Train Haze Feminized Seeds (Canuk Seeds) - ELITE STRAIN - A Quick Overview

What is Ghost Train Haze strain?

Ghost Train Haze is a highly potent and popular cannabis strain that has gained a strong following among both recreational and medicinal users. This Sativa-dominant hybrid offers a powerful and uplifting experience, making it a favorite choice for those seeking an energetic and euphoric high.

Genetics of Ghost Train Haze strain

Ghost Train Haze is a result of crossing the legendary Ghost OG with Neville’s Wreck. The combination of these two strains results in a unique genetic profile that delivers exceptional potency and a one-of-a-kind experience.

Is Ghost Train Haze strain Indica or Sativa?

Ghost Train Haze is primarily a Sativa-dominant strain, known for its energizing effects. Its genetics give it a stimulating and uplifting quality, making it perfect for daytime use or when you need an extra boost of creativity.

THC and CBD levels

With THC levels ranging from 22% to 30%, Ghost Train Haze is considered one of the most potent strains on the market. It has low CBD content, typically below 1%, which contributes to its psychoactive effects.

Appearance of Ghost Train Haze strain

The buds of Ghost Train Haze are dense and compact, often covered in a thick layer of trichomes that give them a frosty appearance. The vibrant green color is complemented by fiery orange pistils, making this strain visually appealing.

Taste and smell of Ghost Train Haze strain

Ghost Train Haze delights the senses with its complex flavor profile. It offers a spicy and herbal taste with hints of citrus, creating a refreshing and invigorating experience. The aroma is equally enticing, with a pungent and earthy scent that lingers in the air.

Effects of Ghost Train Haze strain

Ghost Train Haze delivers a powerful and long-lasting high that uplifts the mind and energizes the body. It induces feelings of happiness, creativity, and relaxation, making it an excellent choice for social gatherings or creative pursuits. This strain is not recommended for novice users due to its high potency.

How to grow Ghost Train Haze strain

Growing Ghost Train Haze requires some experience and knowledge of cannabis cultivation. It thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments but prefers a controlled setting where temperature and humidity can be regulated. With proper care, this strain can produce impressive yields of 500-600 grams per square meter indoors or 600-800 grams per plant outdoors.

How to germinate Ghost Train Haze seeds

Germinating Ghost Train Haze seeds is a crucial step in ensuring successful growth. Start by placing the seeds between damp paper towels or using a germination kit. Keep them warm and moist until they sprout roots, then transfer them carefully into your chosen growing medium.

Flowering time of Ghost Train Haze strain

The flowering period for Ghost Train Haze typically lasts around 8 to 10 weeks. During this time, the plants will develop dense buds covered in resinous trichomes, ready for harvest.

Yield of Ghost Train Haze strain

If grown under optimal conditions, Ghost Train Haze can reward cultivators with generous yields. Indoor growers can expect to harvest around 500-600 grams per square meter, while outdoor growers may achieve even higher yields of 600-800 grams per plant.

How to store your Ghost Train Haze Feminized Seeds?

To ensure the longevity and quality of your Ghost Train Haze feminized seeds, it is essential to store them properly. Keep them in a cool, dark, and dry place, away from moisture and direct sunlight. This will help preserve their viability for future planting.

Buy Ghost Train Haze Feminized Seeds

If you are looking to experience the exceptional effects and flavors of Ghost Train Haze, Canuk Seeds offers premium quality feminized seeds of this strain. Visit our website today to purchase your own batch of these high-potency cannabis seeds.

Please note these cannabis seeds are available for sale only in Canada and USA.

Additional Information
Seedbank Canuk Seeds
Sex Feminized
420 Sale Discount 25% OFF
Variety Sativa
Strain Genetics Ghost OG x Neville’s Wreck
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Flowering Time 8 - 10 weeks
Where to Grow Indoors, Greenhouse, Outdoors
Taste / Flavor Citrus, Herbal, Spicy
Effect Creative, Euphoric, Happy, Relaxing
Plant Height Medium
CBD Content Low (0-1%)
THC Content 22 - 30%
Yield 500-600 gr m2 indoor / 600-800 gr. plant outdoor.
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