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Blue Cheese Feminized Seeds (Canuk Seeds) - A Quick Overview

Blue Cheese is known to be an extraordinary resin producer and to have an extremely strong smell.

This is a strain that grows well, reaching a height of 60-80 cm indoors, and has been stabilized for consistency in the qualities it's known for, including that trademark pungent scent. Plants can triple in height during flowering, which lasts for around 8 weeks. It has a good yield and performs well outdoors in Mediterranean climates.

The effect of the Blue Cheese is a physical body high with a subtle, heady effect.

Additional Information
Seedbank Canuk Seeds
Sex Feminized
Variety Indica / Sativa
Strain Genetics Cheese x Blueberry
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Flowering Time 8 weeks
Where to Grow Indoors, Greenhouse, Outdoors
Taste / Flavor Cheese
Effect Body, Head
Plant Height 60-80 cm indoors
THC Content High
Also Known As Blue Cheese
Yield High
Customer Reviews
Come from behind victory over Blue Dream - Review by David
My basement is dry and cool (about 58 degrees year-round here in Michigan). In my 4x4 tent with a newer model 200W LED grow light. Temps in the tent run about 58-74 F on a 12-12 cycle so I've been growing Blue Dream which seems to do well in these temps. I tried other genetics but this Blue Cheese seems to be the only variety so far that can compete in veg, flower and quality. The Blue Dream grows fast and strong while the Blue Cheese takes it's time in veg and almost looks stunted, until I kick it into flower, and it stretches, and it flowers, and the buds swell. It's at the end where Cheese wins with more grams, more smell and more of an Indica-type kick than Dream. Everyone loved the Blue Dream for wake-and-bake, but when it comes to a seriously good party time buzz, they want the Blue Cheese. Wonderful smell, smooth smoke and great high. Kind of like what Blue Dream is aspiring to be. (Posted on 2/19/2020)
Amazing Production, Quality and Smell from outdoor grow in Ontario - Review by Jean
I grew two of these this summer outdoors in Ontario. One had very much a sativa phenotype and didn't finish all that well, but I'm giving five stars and would give even more if possible for the other plant. I put it in the ground in my vegetable garden around June 1, after starting inside about 4 weeks earlier. It was a little more ''needy'' in terms of nutrients than some of the other plants that my friends and I grew, although honestly all I used was Miracle Grow because I didn't want to waste money on plants that may be stolen or not finish in the questionable Canadian weather. When August came around this thing was HUGE but I was worried because it definitely started flowering later than the others. Fast forward to the week of October 14th and thanks to pretty good fall weather I had an amazing harvest. It was over 7 feet tall, about 6 feet in diameter and I got over 2 pounds of dried buds off this girl. I could have had 4 plus lbs but honestly got tired or trimming so I was only taking the colas at the end. The rest is in my freezer awaiting hash production. It's now dried and has been curing over a month and is AMAZING. The smell is the best I've ever had - imagine a strong mix of blueberry and cheese strains. The high is fantastic too. This will be my goto strain for the rest of the winter. Thanks Canuk seeds! (Posted on 11/23/2019)
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