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100% Autoflowering genetics. This is the result of the cross between Sweet Seeds most awarded strain - the original Cream Caramel - and an exotic autoflowering strain of purple flowers, descending from pakistani Kush ancestors. This plant looks like an Indica, with a short internodal distance, numerous small branches in the main stem, compact buds and a big main cola. This strain is a great resin producer. Black Cream’s aroma is very sweet and fruity, featuring a background of some earthy tones inherited from their Cream Caramel. During flowering, around 80% of the plants acquire purple or reddish tones in the buds and some of them even develop purple leaves too. After harvested and dried the buds gain a very dark purple tone, almost black.

Additional Information

Seedbank Sweet Seeds
Sex Feminized
Flowering Type Autoflowering
Where to Grow Indoor, Outdoor
Harvest Month Indoors/Outdoors: 8 weeks after germination
Plant Height 60 - 110cm
Yield Indoors: 350-550gr/m2 and Outdoors: 35-150gr/plant

Customer Reviews

Beautiful colors just like the picture Review by Chris
One plant was the weirdest mutated little thing I’ve ever seen lol then the other two did alright got about 2 ft or so and got a oz each and near the end of harvest the tips turned purple. The last one was about ten inches tall but it turned out about a half oz of some of the most beautiful deep reds and purples just like the picture exactly. it definitely made me interested in sweet seeds other phenos I just grabbed some dark devil the picture looks nearly the same. Might even get the child of these two said strains devil cream. Overall satisfied. (Posted on 9/17/2021)
Amazing Strain! Review by BPat
Due to.... Unforeseen circumstances.. a week after sprouting, I had to move them into my photo veg room, so they grow on a 12/12 light cycle. I was worried that I wouldn't get anything because autos need much more light BUT LEMME TELL YOU! The buds were still huge and purple! The taste is like any other strain I've had in my life. I cant really describe it other than very creamy with a fruity purple taste. Like another reviewer said, just get the larger pack, you won't regret it. (Posted on 5/29/2018)
1000watt HID 1500ppm co2 emerald harvest nutrients Review by tyler
From seed to harvest (80percent of hairs turned brown) took 12 weeks 1000watt eye hortilux bulbs veg 24/0 flower 24/0 1500ppm co2 with emerald harvest nutrients she grew fast and smells very fruity. She has really nice medium purple in the buds about 60-70percent purple. Yield was roughly 80-100grams of WET BUD per plant once dryed the bud per plant was 35-40grams dry at 50RH. About 3feet high and 1foot wide not a lot of leaf mass. When finished they where rock hard buds kinda in the shape of hash plant buds. Very crystaly and sticky. Overall a very nice plant but low yield when dry (Posted on 8/16/2017)
Great strain for new growers with good results. Review by Daniel
She's definitely a rapid grower and once she starts, boy does she boom. I would say she's the best strain for a new grower, but she's definitely a great one for new growers. She's got a pretty impressive tolerance, especially as an Autoflower, to stress so she has a bit of wiggle room for mistakes often made by new growers, accidents (one of mine had the stem nearly completely snap because of a piece of equipment fell on her and she stunted for a few days, but surprisingly healed and continued growing), and if you're a more experienced and talented grower, you can really maximize her potential.

I'd suggest to anyone, but this would be one of the ones I'd suggest to a new grower for ^ those reasons as well as she has a great yield so of you make a mistake, you should still get a decent pull from her, and the high is definitely spectacular. Not exactly unique, but a great relaxing, mind-body high that I've experienced only a few times through my life so she really stands out. The best part, she produces a LOT of THC so she's a potent bitch.

$30 is a waste because if you buy the 3 pack, you're going to regret it when you pop your beans and wish you had two more. I'm not trying out a few strains personally, but I think it's safe to say each order will include at LEAST a 3 pack of these babies. I'm currently looking for my third strain to add to try on this order and I'll get a 5 pack of these.

Oh, and they are absolutely beautiful. Out of 4 Seeds, all 4 germinated with nol trouble at all and all 4 took the beautiful phenotye indicated in the picture so not only was she a great product, but I felt like I was growing art. As soon as the phenotype started developing, she was more and more beautiful each time I checked on her.

LST works great on her, but start her early. The transitional period as she switches from vegetative to flowering is pretty rapid and if you wait too long to start LST like I did on my first one, she'll go from pliable to stiff real quick and you won't b able to LST without risking damaging her stalk.

(Posted on 5/20/2016)
2plants, 2 phenos, 60grams 600w Review by Marquise
Overall a decent auto, grew hydro DWC, 600w, 2 plants 60grams, I'm happy (Posted on 5/8/2016)

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