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Bubba's Gift, an amazing fusion of two beautiful Indicas, was created in 2007. The Pre-98 Bubba Kush was crossed into God’s Gift making for a powerful and unmistakable presence. 

Large broad fan leaves support short compact growth, though good spacing between fan leaves makes for ample light penetration. Growing Bubba’s Gift to the desired size before flowering is advised, as she doesn’t stretch much during the 12/12 cycles.

The flowering period develops quickly. Large crowning buds develop during the 5th week of flowering and deep purple hues begin to show in week 6. Feedings should be modest, as not much nutrition is needed, as well as minimal support for infrastructure. Bubba’s Gift finishes in just 45-50 days.

The flavor profile is a mix of Pina Colada and tropical fruit finishing with gassy fruity aromas. The effects are mild for an Indica and are quite functional for daytime use and appetite stimulation as well as creative activity. This unique and stunningly beautiful phenotype is absolutely one for every connoisseur’s collection.

Additional Information

Seedbank Humboldt Seed Org
Sex Feminized
Variety Mostly Indica
Strain Genetics Pre-98 Bubba Kush x God’s Gift
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Flowering Time 45-50 days
Where to Grow Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Medical Conditions Lack of Appetite
Taste / Flavor Fruity, Tropical
Effect Creative, Hungry
THC Content MEdium

Customer Reviews

Early Finish and Tasty Results, but.... Review by Mike
Grew her outside in central Ontario. She was sprouted at the end of May, grew slowly at first in a pot, and then in the ground after 4 weeks. She liked being in the ground and vegged at a 'faster' pace, but still wasn't really a vigorous grower. Her leaves were big and lush though. She was the first one in my garden to start flowering on the first of August. She continued to grow and stretch out between nodes (and by harvest she had more than doubled her height). In the first week of September my garden was covered by a clear plastic canopy, for rain protection. My Bubba's Gift's buds were small, compact and sweet smelling. She was attacked by powdery mildew in mid September. Initially she was treated by defoliating infected leaves. It became a wider spread infection over the next days and weeks - treated with a combination of defoliation and lemon-water foliar applications (this was done by wiping each leaf, top and bottom, with a sponge and dilute lemon juice every-other-day). The problem never really went away, right up until harvest. She did ripen quickly... On October 7th I harvested - 68 days after first pistils. For the light cycle at my latitude, this is good. She produced 29 grams, in the end, which is not the yield I was hoping for. She didn't reach her full growth potential, and I'm sure better results can be had. Cured Bubba's Gift has a delicious floral soap smell, but the taste is fruity and sweet, with a side of tuna. There is also a creamy quality to the smoke that is quite nice.

I'd love to try growing this again, because the taste is really enjoyable, and it finishes flowering quickly. I'm sure I could get better size and quality results by preventing fungal attacks. On the other hand there are so many other strains out there that could also suit my needs. My ideal strain tastes good, first and foremost (Bubba's Gift ticks the boxes of #1, #4 and #9, and #10). Here is my criteria for weed strains, in order of importance to me:
1.Taste/Flavour 2.Flavour Intensity (high qty. of flavinoids and terpenes) 3.Yield 4.Early Finishing Outdoor (but not a ruderelis hybrid) 5.Mold Resistant (humidity tolerant) 6.Potent 7.Strong Smell 8.Clear Sativa High 9.Lemon and/or Pungent Flavours 10.High Calyx-to-Leaf Ratio (Posted on 12/20/2021)
Awesome! Review by MasterMiller
I used no bottleed nutes, full organic and they came out great. 100% germination. (Posted on 10/1/2016)

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