Killer Purps FEMINIZED Seeds (Bomb Seeds)

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Lovers of colour take note, Killer Purps has landed! This sativa dominant wonder plant is a next level cross between a rare purple phenotype of Buzz Bomb and a classic cut of the cannabis cup winning Sour Diesel. The result is a super-dank purple strain with a killer smoke and masses of bag appeal.

Killer Purps is our first truly purple strain and we’re stoked with the end result! Growing tall without becoming unmanageable, it produces buds the full length of its long side branches. This helps keep yields high (450–500 g/m2), at the same time producing super sticky, highly resinous, purple buds. For the resin lovers, there’ll be plenty of good scissor hash left come harvest time

The plant responds well to trimming and training, and LST (low stress training) is a good option if space is an issue. Be aware though, the Diesel genetics mean the plant can give off a pungent aroma later in flowering.

The high quality smoke and stone rank Killer Purps up there with the very best connoisseur strains! The pungent, skunky, Diesel tang is offset with a slightly sweet, citrus after taste. The stone is an instant hit, starting with a spiralling cerebral high, which builds nicely to a long lasting head stone.

Killer Purps is a real show stopper! It’s strain of beauty and power and comes with the infamous Bomb Seeds genetic stamp of approval.

Additional Information

Seedbank Bomb Seeds
Sex Feminized
Pack Size 5 Seeds
Variety Mostly Sativa
Strain Genetics Buzz Bomb x Sour Diesel
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Flowering Time 10-11 weeks
Where to Grow Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Harvest Month Late October
Taste / Flavor Citrus, Diesel, Sweet
Effect Cerebral, Head, Long lasting
Plant Height 90-140 cm
THC Content 19-21%
Yield 400-450g/m²

Customer Reviews

100 % Germination/ Very Sweet Smelling Review by Blue
9 plant grow: 2 Extreme Purps, 1 Blueberry (Gorgeous plant), 1 White Widow, 1 Critical Widow, 2 Lost Coast OG's (Beautiful plump girls), 1 Sour Diesel, 1 Northern Lights.

All puchased from True North, 100% germination rate (baggie and paper towel method). All but Lost Coasts popped within 48 hrs, one Lost Coast took several days, the other nearly a full week but everything in baggies did eventually pop.

Grown in Light Warrior (White Shark used when transplanted) until planted in Subcools super soil recipe mixture, mixed with Ocean Farm bagged soil in 7 gal fabric pots. Living soil grow, fully organic with exception of Terpinator. Also used Recharge & Mammoth P when watering to ensure proper bacteria during appropriate stages and White Shark and P Bloom when transplanted.
1-450 G8 LED, 1-240 G8 LED 4 -90 G8 LED Red Flower Boosters in 4x4x8 grow tent.

LST and SCROG methods used.

Week 8 and the girls are beautiful although more leaf yellowing on White Widow, Critical Widow, Sour Diesel and Northern Lights. The 2 Extreme Purps smell sweet and fruity. One Extreme Purp is directly under one light source and is the biggest girl in the bunch although one of the Lost Coasts closest to 450 is very close.

Gave Extreme Purps high rating as I have yet to harvest so why be negative when they are doing so well and looking so incredible. They are COVERED in trichromes and hairs and i mean COVERED, and as of today the majority of trichromes are clear to partly cloudy. The Extreme Purps have purple tipped leaves extending down toward the stems or centers of leaves. They have few skinny leaves sticking out of the buds so will be super easy to trim. The Extreme Purp plant most directly under the 240 has a mass of buds growing along side main cola like a football. Judging from the smell, color, and trichrome covered buds I anticipate great things. I have purposely avoided touching buds in any way so as not to disturb trichromes but under the canopy I left a couple small branches that I don't mind touching just to inhale the sweet fruity, blueberry smell. It's truly incredible. You can smell the fruity blueberry fragrance from outside tent when carbon scrubber is off (and even when its on a bit) so keep that in mind but it's a great fragrance!

Will update after harvest and cure for opinion on taste and potency along with final harvest weights but I am very impressed so far and cannot wait to smoke and vape test this!

(Posted on 1/26/2019)

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