Pakistan Ryder Autoflowering Feminized Seeds (World of Seeds)

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World of Seeds Pakistan Ryder is a result of numerous experiments that had been carried out to create a new, strong and potential marijuana strain.

The famous seed of Pakistan Valley was back crossed with a Ruderalis and gave a start to Pakistan Ryder.

This 100% indica hybrid instantly became a favorite in modern cannabis markets for her easy growing qualities and high narcotic abilities, some of which are incredible medical values. Pakistan Ryder marijuana strain enchants you with fruity/hardwood smell and fruity sweet taste as well as with very narcotic effect. Her dried products contain 21.2 % of THC.

As a auto-flowering marijuana, Pakistan Ryder grows from a cannabis seed flower in response to age rather than light cycle. She will grow vegetative for approximately 14 days then enter into a rapid, almost violent flowering period. For the next 55 days, she will branch out profusely, throw out pistils in their thousands, calyxes will swell and a coating of resin glands will make the mature plant glisten as if dusted with fine cannabis diamonds.

Being quite petite, Pakistan Ryder automatic remains a great yielder, producing as much as 100-150 gr. per m2 when grown indoors. The cross with a ruderalis also means that Pakistan Ryder cannabis seeds can be grown virtually anywhere with the high tolerance to such risks as mold and pests. Balconies, patios, window boxes, indoors or outdoors, this connoisseur grade seed is now attainable for every marijuana grower.

With a lifespan of a mere 55 days from seed to harvest, it is not only possible to get an early harvest of high quality marijuana but multiple harvests per season. Indoors, a perpetual harvest has never been easier to maintain. The increased height compared to earlier auto-flowering strains brings with it increased yield.

Additional Information

Seedbank World of Seeds
Sex Feminized
Variety Indica
Strain Genetics Pakistan Ryder x Ruderalis
Flowering Type Autoflowering
Flowering Time 55 days
Where to Grow Indoor, Greenhouse
Effect Narcotic
CBD Content High
THC Content High (20%)
Yield 100-150 g/m2

Customer Reviews

Tough starter Review by Bootlegks
I bought this seed choice because I have grown other varieties in the middle of the Summer and the high heat has caused some side effects on past autos that I was hoping to avoid. Under past extreme climate changes in temperatures some of my autos have hermied on me. I chose this landrace because it's heritage should adapt well to those changes. I can't tell you if that will happen because I have had a great Spring with colder conditions, wetter than normal, and snow. After some TLC the only seed I started is flowing after seven weeks outside and looks great. I am going to start a second grow in hotter conditions to see how they handle the heat. Setting at 62 cm right now and branching out with some nice hairy buds. I did have trouble getting the seed to start using the paper towel method, took a full week. (Posted on 5/29/2017)
Awesome Review by Superwomen
I really love the way they packing this seeds. VERY HIGH in medical benefits.
I order 7 seeds to add to my prep kit - as you never know when crisis hit, you want to be prepare to secure store your medicine.
This is awesome strain to actually store with your seed bank.
Plan on ordering another one to just experiment and grow to get experiences :)
World of Seeds is something I would collect, Afghan kush and few others are on my wish list. (Posted on 11/5/2016)

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