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How Modern Technology Is Changing The Cannabis Industry?

With the scientific advancement and digitization of many services, it’s no wonder that the cannabis industry is also changing, and probably for the better. Methods of growth have been refined, and sales have become far more globalized.

Modern technology has created new jobs like websites and social media managers in the cannabis industry. Scientific advancement has brought methods like cannabis encapsulation as a more efficient form of CBD administration.

There are even conferences that focus solely on cannabis science.

The information below describes the remarkable changes in the industry. If you want to know more about those changes and their benefits, keep reading!

Types Of Job Created

Here are some types of jobs that modern technology has created:


Consulting is a high-paying occupation, and the cannabis industry is no exception.

Cannabis consultants with backgrounds as attorneys, accountants, or in other areas of the cannabis industry can earn six figures.

It would happen by combining their expertise in state and local cannabis laws with their backgrounds in other areas of the cannabis industry.

Digital Marketing

Many firms sell cannabis online.

Digital marketing is the effect of digitization and is becoming one of the top ways to purchase or learn about cannabis.

Advertising about cannabis is still illegal in some states. Thus skilled professionals are required to get the best possible work done.

Website, social media, and email managers must manage dispensaries' and cannabis companies' digital presences.

Jobs related to marketing and PR firms are also needed to handle marketing and PR activities.

Besides, several cannabis-related websites and applications include personnel.

Traditional Labor Work

The industry also requires people to harvest cannabis.

Growing, trimming, and packing cannabis is part of harvesting.

These jobs are generally labour-intensive and physically demanding. Still, no previous experience is usually needed (although it may be preferred).

However, traditional labour jobs do not pay much and are in a similar tier to vegetable harvesters.

Effective Growing Lights

These include CFLs, High-Intensity Discharge Lights, and LED grow lights.

Growing lights replace the sun, which fuels the growth of your plants and their buds.

Since light is like "food" for your plants, even a safe cannabis plant won't produce much bud if it doesn't get enough of it.

Check out this article on how much light cannabis needs for a hefty harvest.

A few grow lights are highly effective, but each has a specific set of pros and cons.

Keep in mind that having more light results in higher cannabis growing yield.

CFL Lights

CFL grow lights are the standard twisty-looking bulbs that can be found in any light bulb store.

They produce an excellent range for cannabis cultivation. They can be used in small spaces where no other grow light can match, such as within a cabinet.

They are an excellent choice for young plants, clones, and seedlings.

Their light spectrum is very effective for growing cannabis and is energy-efficient, saving you money on your electricity bill.

CFL lights increase your yield if you keep them close to your plants.

Although CFLs are readily available, they tend not to contribute much to a high growth yield than other lights.

High-Intensity Discharge Lights (HIDs)

Discharges from High-Intensity Grow lights are much more powerful than fluorescent lights, and they use large, oddly-shaped bulbs to power them.

They are typically screwed into a hood or reflector to direct more light onto the plants.

HIDs are excellent for growing cannabis but can get very hot, so you usually connect them to an exhaust system to help vent the heat.

LED Lights

LED grow lights are a common substitute for HIDs grow lights among growers.

They operate at a lower temperature and, in most cases, have built-in cooling.

They are much easier to set up than HID lights because they can typically be plugged into a wall and hung above the plants.

LEDs have a higher penetration than fluorescents, so they don't need to be moved as much.

On the other hand, LEDs may become extremely hot and require ventilation. They also take up a lot of space.

DNA Sequencing

Cannabis and industrial hemp can be bred to be more active and therapeutic, which is where genomic information is valuable.

With the help of DNA sequencing, we can manipulate cannabis genetics. Fast-flowering cannabis strains are a prime example. Plants that would take nine to ten weeks to flower can produce buds in as little as 60 days!

There are ten autosomal genes, two sex chromosomes, and mitochondrial and chloroplast genomes in the Cannabis Sativa genome.

The mitochondrial genome tends to be divided into eight 50-kilobase pair (kb) bits, which is more significant than the human mitochondrial genome's 16-kilobase pair (kb).

Billions of DNA molecules can be sequenced in parallel using the most modern DNA sequencing methods, allowing for detailed genetic classification of Cannabis strains.

In 2011, Medicinal Genomics sequenced 65,000X more Cannabis DNA sequences than was available in public databases.

Many CNVs (Copy Number Variations) in the genome controlling chemotype have been phased thanks to this sequencing technology.

Nanoencapsulation Of CBD

CBD is a hydrophobic molecule since it's not soluble in water and does not bind to water molecules.

Since cannabinoids don't dissolve naturally in water, they must undergo a unique process to be infused into a liquid like water or any other beverage.

CBD nanotechnology can help with this.

CBD is encapsulated into tiny micellar structures using an ultrasonic processing system.

The cannabinoid is emulsified, allowing it to be uniformly dispersed in a liquid.

Nano CBD is usually used in product formulations to improve bioavailability because of its water-soluble properties.

The rate at which a substance reaches the bloodstream is referred to as bioavailability.

Nano CBD will bypass your intestine and be absorbed directly into your bloodstream because it comprises microscopic particles.

In reality, when compared to CBD, oral Nano CBD has significantly higher bioavailability.

Nano CBD particles may penetrate various tissues that larger particles may be unable to move through.

As a result, you don't need as much CBD as you might for other items that do not use CBD nanotechnology.

Cannabis Apps

You may now purchase cannabis and obtain information about different strains from apps on your smartphone!

For instance, Weedmaps is among the most popular health apps on the App Store.

It's a hybrid of Google maps, Yelp, and Amazon for pharmacies, delivery services, physicians, and brands. It is your one-stop shop for tons of cannabis market awareness.

Leafly is a popular cannabis-related website and mobile application, similar to Weedmaps, that enables rating and reviewing different strains and CBD stores.

Its "strain explorer" feature, which includes over 3000 cannabis strains with names like '98 Aloha White Widow' and '2 Easy 2 Vast', is especially impressive.

You can also use the app to find the best strain to marry your mood.

Leafly recently announced a feature that summarizes the most current studies, terpene, cannabinoid-based flavour, and impact profiles.

Next, Trym's Grow App is essential for skilled cannabis growers.

The app enables growers to control their progress, manage their organization, and use their smartphones to access live data about their plants.

Finally, The Explore App also provides analytics based on data from detectors and the growing application.

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